Revolution S1 Ep6 – “Sex and Drugs”

Neville and Danny - it's a whole new world in "Sex and Drugs"
Neville and Danny - it's a whole new world in "Sex and Drugs"

Are Danny and Neville wishing they were back on the road?


Things aren’t going too well on this week’s Revolution.  “Sex and Drugs” doesn’t sound like too optimistic a title and be assured, there isn’t anything lighthearted going on in the dark, dark future.  If anything, we’ll just call this episode a dark night for a lot of souls.

In the wake of the train misadventure last week, things are unraveling for our heroes.  Nora’s stab wound is infected, Charlie is bitter and has lost her hope, and Miles is trying to keep everyone together.  He steals a wagon, hoping to reach a safe haven five hours away.  Someone who can help Nora.  When Aaron tries to assure Charlie Nora’s going to be okay, Charlie doesn’t agree.  Losing Maggie and Danny have done this girl in.

This is Aaron’s flashback episode and it goes a long way in explaining his current emotional journey.  Sometimes he’s cowering and sometimes he’s pushing himself to be a hero.  Who is the real Aaron?

The night of the blackout, Aaron and his beautiful wife Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian) are in the back of a limo, toasting their anniversary as they speed towards the airport.  Life is good for them – money, love.  Of course that’s the moment when everything goes black.  The limo stops moving and smash, crash, bang – a truck hits them, sending glass into the air.

At Monroe Headquarters, Neville brings Danny to meet Sebastian Monroe, the big man himself.  Bas goes charming for this encounter; he apologizes for Ben’s death.  Neville, he says, will be dealt with for killing him.  Bas mentions Rachel, piquing Danny’s interest . Before he’s returned to his room, Bas tells him he’s his guest.  Whatever he wants – wine, women, song – he’ll take care of it.

Neville apologizes for Ben’s death.  Bas’s way of dealing with this is by promoting him.  He’s in charge in Intelligence and Interrogation (fun!), something he’s wanted for years.  Plus, he’s sure the wife will be delighted to have him around more often.

Miles doesn't like who Charlie is turning into in "Sex and Drugs"

Seeing Charlie turn cold doesn’t make Miles a happy camper.

Miles and the wagon of heroes arrives at a heavily guarded compound surrounded by poppies.  Looks like Miles’s friend is a heroin dealer.  Wow, Miles knows all the cool people in the post-blackout world!  Drexel (Todd Stashwick) is a real charmer (think a more lethal version of Lando Calrissian).  He calls Miles names and commands he and Aaron to kneel on the ground; on the count of three, he’s pulling the trigger of the gun he has aimed at the ex-militia man’s head.

Fun reception.  Except, the gun is empty and it’s a joke!  Hahaha.  Ha.  Wow.  Miles needs new friends.

Drexel brings everyone into the house – sans weapons of course – for good times.  They get rooms.  A doctor for Nora.  Wine? Hot water and… leers for Charlie.  Aaron draws Drexel’s immediate annoyance by saying he wants them to stick together.  So, Miles goes with Nora and Aaron stays with Charlie.

Nervous, Aaron sips from his flask.  He’s taken back two months after the blackout, as he struggles to carry a sick and hurt Priscilla through the wreckage.  Aaron is desperate to save his beloved wife.  While they’re resting, a stranger comes upon them. S ean (Michael Roark) claims to come in peace.  He thinks Priscilla might have dysentery and offers to help the couple.

Back at Drexel’s, Nora is being tended by the doctor.  He has drugs, and now he’s going to have Miles’s blood for a transfusion.  Nora’s in septic shock; Miles lays beside her, watching her with a tender expression on his face.  As the transfusion begins, he reaches over to take her hand in his.

In an opulent room, Charlie sinks into a gorgeous bathtub.  But there’s no relaxation in the moment; all she can think about is her mother leaving, Maggie dying, losing Danny. S he jumps out of the tub and pulls out the little lunchbox she’s kept of mementos.  Each postcard is torn to shreds and cast aside.  Charlie’s childhood is officially over.

Back in Philly, Bas is pleased with Jason’s report on his recent adventures.  Neville, however, thinks it’s a “little light” in regards to Jason’s time being held by the rebels and his relationship with Charlie.  Bas doesn’t agree – he gets confirmation on who Nora is (he clearly knows her) and oh, right.  Did Jason see this?  He shows him Rachel’s sketch of the pendant.  Jason says Aaron has it and is then dismissed.

As he’s leaving, Bas asks Neville to get Strausser – he’s going after the rebels.  Jason’s face shows clear panic and fear but he schools it when he turns to voice his concerns.  Strausser doesn’t leave survivors, apparently.  Well, that’s why Bas wants him for the job.  He needs the pendant and Miles; everything and everyone else is collateral damage.  Jason is at a loss for words and man, his dad doesn’t take that well.  He hisses out a “dismissed” and kicks Jason out of the room.

Dinner’s gonna be awkward.

Hey Will Strausser (David Meunier) gives us some back story as he cleans his nasty weapons.  A little treat for a terrified looking stable boy, who gets to hear all about the interrogator’s awesome dad who was a butcher and very handy with a cleaver.  Point take sir; you are born and bred to enjoy your work dicing people up.

Neville rescues the kid from more details – he’s got a job for Strausser.

Charlie finds Miles packing.  Nora’s got a fifty fifty chance of survival but regardless – Miles is getting them back into that wagon and out of Dodge.  He wants to find Danny and oh right, get the hell away from Drexel.  His “friend” saunters in, sad to see him go.  So sad he decides to share a fun memory of how they met.

Back when Miles was a big shot general, he was quite blood thirsty, ordering executions like other people order beer.  Heck, he even got rid of all the drug dealer competition so Drexel could be the kingpin.  And in return?  Gold, gold and more gold.  When Miles deserted, Drexel lost his favored position and you know, he hasn’t really gotten over it.  Something tells me Miles and company aren’t leaving any time soon.

Drexel shows off his burned poppy fields.  The O’Halloran’s up the road set the fires and Drexel wants the head of the family offed.  Miles offers to take care of them – but then they’re even. Drexel refuses his kind assasination order. He wants Charlie to do it.

And if she doesn’t?  Nora gets it first, followed by Aaron.  They get the picture.

Charlie stares at herself in the mirror before going to kill Bill O'Halloran

Things are not going Charlie’s way at all.

Before Miles can go all kick-his-ass, Charlie agrees to the deal.  In front of a full length mirror, Charlie regards herself – cold eyes, sexy dress.  Miles wants to find a way to stop this but Charlie sees no way out.  Aaron is shocked by her attitude; killing some random dude?  “Who the hell are you?” Aaron wants to know.  Charlie doesn’t seem moved by Aaron’s pleas against murdering innocent people.  Charlie feels she has no choice.

Drexel sends her off to kill Bill O’Halloran with a lethal pin in her hair for stabbing his nemesis in the eye.  Her cover story?  She’s a roughed up hooker and she’s got the goods on Drexel.  To make it more realistic, he punches her in the face.

I have an idea that Miles is going to kill him repeatedly at some point…

Miles seethes but Aaron is almost spilling over with emotion.  He clearly wants to defend Charlie and beat Miles to the killing punch but he’s paralyzed by fear.

Back to the past and Aaron and Priscilla are living with a small group and their friend Sean.  Militia are coming too close to their camp so the survivors frantically throw their precious belongings together to make a run for it.  Aaron is the last one out, as Priscilla screams for him to hurry.  They’re too late – overrun by militia jerks who grab Priscilla.  Aaron rushes to defend his wife but he’s not very effective.  The guys are beating the crap out of him as Priscilla screams.  Sean appears over the ridge, killing both men in a fierce fight.  Priscilla clutches Aaron as he stares at their hero.  Ashamed.

At Drexel’s, Aaron is still fuming about Charlie going to do this hit.  He and Miles bicker a bit before the drug dealer returns with a few coins “for their trouble.”  Oh, and burial expenses because there’s no way in hell Charlie is getting out of there alive.  Did he forget to mention that?

Aaron tells Miles to go save Charlie.  That, of course, leaves Aaron and Nora at Drexel’s mercy, which clearly doesn’t exist.  This is yet another death sentence, for a different set of people. Aaron begs Miles to chose Charlie.  She’s family.  Miles, his.  He has to pick her.

Charlie approaches the O’Halloran compound, also heavily armed and scary as heck.  The thugs take her to Bill O’Halloran, after she insists she has something on Drexel.

Miles kills the guard and escapes. More killing ensues as Miles cuts a wide swath of death and destruction through the house.  He’s really good at that…

At O’Halloran’s, Charlie sees Bill and his family, playing with his grandchild.  She pulls the pin out of her hair, dropping it to her side.  On one side of the room are tons of pictures; Bill and his family were cops before the blackout, generations of them.  Bill picks up immediately on that pin which Charlie drops on the table.

Bill tells Charlie about his daughter Becca – hooked on heroin by Drexel and returned to Bill and his wife in a body bag (hence the burning of the fields).  Clearly, that’s phase one of his revenge.

Drexel isn’t pleased to learn that Miles has escaped.  He pulls Aaron and Nora into the courtyard; Nora gets an adrenalin shot so she can join the party.  And be executed while conscious. Drexel’s fun game?  Nora and Aaron are going to shoot each other.

How does Drexel not work for the milita?  He’d fit right in.

Miles scales the side of O’Halloran’s house.  Charlie tries to buy time so she can grab the pin and kill Bill to save her family.  Bill’s not stupid though.  He knows the blow is coming.  They tussle and Charlie knocks him out.  Crying, she leans over his body, pin in hand, ready to deliver the killing blow.

“Please forgive me,” she says, arms raised over head.  She’s stopped by Miles who tells her they’re leaving.

Nora has no clue what’s going on.  But now?  She has to shoot Aaron or be shot; the winner is the person who pulls the trigger first.  If they refuse?  They both get shot.

Eight months after the blackout, at the dark campsite, Priscilla tries to speak to Aaron who is fruitlessly trying to light a fire.  He feels utterly inadequate, unable to take care of her like he used to.  He wants to give her everything – when he had money, he could.  Now?  He can’t keep her safe or feed her.

None of it matters to Priscilla.  She loves him completely.  But Aaron is stricken with guilt and shame.

Drexel hides in an armored car as he counts down.  Aaron tells Nora to shoot him.

“Nobody needs me.  I can’t help anyone,” Aaron says, as Nora refuses.

He pulls the gun on her… then puts it to his chest and pulls the trigger as Nora screams.

(I might have yelled a little myself!)

Drexel kicks Aaron’s body… and then Aaron sits up and blows him away!

Aaron shot himself in the flask; he holds the gun on the guards and insists all he wants is Nora.  They’ll leave, no one else has to get hurt.  Loyalty doesn’t much matter anymore so the guards let them go.

In the woods, they meet up with Charlie and Miles.  Nora tells Miles that Aaron shot Drexel.  (Miles is shocked. And maybe a little impressed.)

Aaron asks Charlie if she killed O’Halloran.  She says no.  Aaron is most definitely pleased by that.

Miles announces that everything turned out okay but honestly, no one seems happy.

In the past, Priscilla wakes up to find a note and Aaron’s wedding ring on a rock.  She calls out for her husband but he’s gone.  Aaron watches as Priscilla leaves with Sean and his group.


Neville takes Danny to a park where Rachel sits on a bench.  She’s tearful and happy to see him, pulling him into an embrace.  Shocked to see his mother alive, he hugs her back.

Whew.  As far as reveals go, our major one this week was Aaron’s tragic backstory.  I’m hoping he’s able to redeem himself at some point – at least in his own eyes – and maybe watching over Charlie will be part of that.  Will we see Priscilla again?

Another solid installment with my only quibble being Charlie able to walk in super high heels.  I’m not feeling like she had a lot of practice before that moment in Bill’s house!  But like everyone’s fabulous grooming and clothing, it’s easier to let slide!


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