Castle, S5 Ep5 – Probable Cause

You guys, this episode was really, really stressful for me – at least until the reveal.  I absolutely loathe story lines where one of a couple, or a member of an ensemble, is made to look like he or she is guilty, and other characters start to believe it.  Stresses me out like whoa.  Yes, I know, it’s just a show and I should just relax…

Kicked in the gut

Castle learns he’s a murder suspect. His face just kills me.

Anyway.  Despite the fact that it began with me suffering through one of my least favorite plot lines, I applaud the show writers for tying Castle’s framing for a gruesome ritualistic murder with the 3XK serial killer storyline from several seasons back.  It makes perfect sense within the realm of the show, and was a much more creative way of bringing him back than having him kidnap one of the team again, or just start killing again.  Plus, it was immensely gratifying to watch Ryan and Esposito switch right away from reluctantly suspecting Castle of murder to believing him about 3XK coming to taunt him in the holding cell.  Because, as Esposito said, it’s not just Beckett who loves Castle. (Say it with me now: Awwwww.)

On a related note, I love A) that Ryan decides now is the time to tell Espo about Castle and Beckett, and B) that Espo doesn’t get angry with him for withholding the information – at least not at that moment.  Because they all know what the priority is, and that is helping Beckett prove Castle innocent.  Gates was pretty awesome in this episode, too.  It seems like our team is slowly coming around to trusting her, and she’s slowly revealing herself to be as fierce about protecting her own as they are, and as Captain Montgomery was.

Other little things I loved: the way Castle handed Beckett her cup of coffee toward the beginning – with a little shared caress/handshake.  So sweet, and harking back to the Hottest Handshake Ever.  Also, I love that even though Beckett was shaken by the fake emails on Castle’s computer (and that she finally had some girl talk time with Lanie!), she didn’t stop believing in him.  There was a time in their partnership when I think she would have been easier to shake on that front.  Lastly, I’m glad Kate did talk to Martha and Alexis after Rick was arrested, but that the show didn’t go over-the-top, with either Alexis or Martha accusing Beckett of betraying Castle, etc.


Don’t stop believing (in Castle), Beckett.

The ending of the ep?  Well, it wasn’t hard to see it coming that 3XK would end up falling in the water, but without a body being found.  Of course they need the option of the bad guy returning later.  It was satisfying to see both Beckett and Castle shoot the guy several times, though, I gotta say.

Next week looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun, with a high potential for Firefly references.  That ought to help ease any lingering distress from this week!