Misfits Season 4 British and American Air Dates Announced

promo misfits season 4

E4, the channel that airs Misfits in the U.K., has finally announced the season 4 premiere date: Sunday October 28 at 10 pm.  That’s great news, and it keeps getting better: American fans barely have to wait for the new season.

Hulu will be the first American provider to get the new episodes, and they’ll appear Monday mornings.  That’s right: episode 1 of season 4 will be on Hulu on Monday October 29.  If you can’t wait for a glimpse of the new season, E4’s put out a teaser trailer (though it’s more of a promo, without any real footage from the show):

Not terribly exciting, but then that doesn’t matter as the new season is just around the corner.  In the meantime, we have some more tidbits about the series from show creator/writer Howard Overman.  Of the three new characters, only two of them, Jess and Finn, will start off the season in probation with Rudy and Curtis.  Jess’s power will be x-ray vision, and Finn’s telekinesis.  As my dearly departed Nathan once said, “that’s off the A-list.”  Finn’s also supposed to have a bromantic relationship with Rudy.

The third new kid, Alex, will work at the local bar, and although he’s not on probation he will be “key to the series story arc.”  Another important new character is Abby, who the misfits will meet at a party later in the season and might join the main cast after that (much like the introduction and now the regular inclusion of Seth the powers dealer).  The gang’s also got a new probation worker, Greg.  But don’t expect laughs from him: he’s the seriously scary type, with anger management issues.

There’ll be the usual amount of violence and mayhem in the new season, and we’ll also get to see more family members of our main characters.  As to whether or not we’ll hear much about former characters: Overman says he tries not to reference the past too much, that he wants to keep the show moving forward so it’s accessible to new viewers.  When asked whether or not we’ll see Simon or Alisha again (it seems, sadly, that a Nathan return is off the table), he’s a bit of a tease: there are no plans, yet.  But Overman says in future seasons it’s a possibility — he’s even got a plan, something he doesn’t usually have for the show.

I have to say, although I liked some bits of it, overall season 3 didn’t excite me that much.  I am happy season 4 finally has an air date, but I’m cautious more than I’m optimistic.  Nathan’s leaving was such a blow to the third season: can the show survive without its most interesting characters?  We’ll find out, in only a few days.