Community Halts Production as Chevy Chase Drops N-Word On Set

Production halted on NBC’s Community Friday after actor Chevy Chase dropped a racial slur during a frustrated rant. According to Deadline, Chase has grown frustrated with the way his bigoted character Pierce has been written and lost his temper during filming on Friday. While both co-stars Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover were present, it is said the slur was not aimed at either of them specifically. In his tirade, Chase reportedly suggested that soon he would be asked to call characters Shirley (Brown) and Troy (Glover) the N-Word, an outburst which upset his coworkers and halted production. Chase later called the crew together to issue a formal apology.

It’s not the first time Chase has been the center of controversy on the Community set. Last year, his feud with then-showrunner Dan Harmon went public as an angry voice mail from Chase to Harmon was released on the Internet, while Harmon publicly blasted Chase for storming off set and preventing the final scene of last season’s episode “Digital Estate Planning” from being shot. Chase has also spoken candidly about his opinion of Community, calling it “a big mistake” for him and saying sitcoms such as Community are “the lowest form of television”.

With only a thirteen-episode season order this year and an unannounced air date, it seems unlikely that Community will be renewed for a fifth season, let alone survive long enough for main cast members to begin leaving the show — by choice or otherwise. But given the history Chase’s history with the show, one has to wonder if perhaps both Community and Chase himself would be better off without each other. What do you think? Would you miss Pierce Hawthorne if he were gone? Tell us in the comments below!


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