Neil Gaiman To Write 12th Episode of Doctor Who


Neil in the Tardis

Neil in the TARDIS.

Earlier this year it was announced that Neil Gaiman was working on a new Doctor Who script.  What wasn’t clear was whether or not it would be for this season or the next.  Now we can rest our little hearts because Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that Neil’s script will be the 12th episode of this current season (not counting the Christmas Special).  The title has yet to be released but it will be directed by Stephen Woolfenden, who worked not only on the Harry Potter movies, but previously with Neil on a little show called Neverwhere.

Doctor Who Magazine also revealed the other writers for the second half of the season: including Neil Cross the creator of Luther for episodes 7 and 9, longtime Doctor Who and Moffat’s Sherlock c0-writer and sometime guest star, Mark Gatiss, is handling episodes 8 and 10, and last season’s “The Curse of the Black Spot” writer Stephen Thompson is co-credited on 10, while Steven Moffat himself is writing episodes 6 and 13 as well as the Christmas Special.  All in all this looks like an amazing second half of the season!