Misfits S02E06

oh, nathan
simon's sacrifice

Simon and Curtis really are the most heroic of the group. I liked how they built up a badass Simon, but then his way of saving the day was to sacrifice himself to save Curtis.

Oh, episode, how do I love you, let me count the ways:

1)  The music has always been fantastic in Misfits.  I love the songs that enhance the mood in scenes, and the style of the opening credits; the chosen song, how sometimes the music starts playing before the credits roll.  But today’s episode used it to perfection.

The opening scenes depicting the origins of destined psychopath Brian were a lovely wordless story, until the spell was broken by Brian and Kelly: “‘I call it lactokinesis’… ‘That has to be the shittest power ever.’”  Roll credits.  Oh, Misfits, never change.

2)  All of Simon’s faces this episode.  The curling twitch to his lips when he’s amused (usually at Nathan), the similar confused/alarmed and creased devastated faces, and especially his angry face.  Holy crap, angry and determined Simon is super hot.  Also, watching all of his friends–the first true friends he’s ever had, and that’s saying something for how lonely Simon’s been in the past — get killed around him is a good way to really start Simon’s transformation into Superhoodie.  It definitely makes more sense than it just being a side effect of his relationship with Alisha.

3)  My dear Shaun.  While the prior two (murdered) social workers were actually good people, Shaun doesn’t care.  He’s just smart enough not to commit crimes.  But selling out his charges so he can vacation in the tropics?  He’s all over that.  And I love him for it.

le grand fromage

Seriously, dude, it’s just milk. You can calm down.

4)  I really liked what they did with the villain of the week.  Perhaps the misfits created their own villain: if they hadn’t teased him, if they’d accepted him into the group or even just been friendly to him, maybe he wouldn’t have gone over the edge. Yet, Brian was teetering from the beginning, so it’s more likely that Nathan’s manboob-milking just hastened Brian’s snap into psychopathy.

I really liked how frank Brian was about his murdering spree: saying that it’s the only way people like him get noticed, and now people will be talking about him for ages.  He’s like an evil Butters, and probably the creepiest villain the show’s ever had.  The ridiculous random villains of the week totally work on this show, but ones that are ridiculous and also make a little sense are even better.  Also, he had the best super villain name ever: “Le Grand Fromage.”

Even though there is one more episode left, and it originally aired a week after this episode (so it wasn’t like a Christmas special after a break from the show, like on Doctor Who), in many ways this week’s adventures felt like a season finale.  Simon discovered the truth about his future self and his relationship about Alisha.  The world found out about their powers and we got to explore what that would be like a little bit, but then the status quo returned.


Also, Simon found out about his future with Alisha. But I don’t really care about that, and it’ll probably be retconned with Curtis’ rewind anyway.

Usually a show’s use of the reset button is annoying at best, and teeth-gnashing frustrating at worst.  Not so on Misfits.  We haven’t entirely returned to normal: community service is over.  Also, I’m not really sure how much Misfits could survive beyond its initial premise.  These aren’t the type of people, for the most part, to use their powers with responsibility, so I don’t want to see them be famous superheroes.  I’m glad we got a glimpse of what it’d be like if the world knew about them, but I’m equally glad their secret is back to being a secret.

Now for this week’s winner and losers: after a dreadful season 2 slump, Curtis gets to win this episode again!  I was going to be lazy and make everyone the winners, for pulling together such a great episode.  But Curtis edges ahead for his confrontation with Brian: “That cheese shit won’t work on me, dickhead.  I’m lactose intolerant.”  I never have, nor do I ever think I will again, cheer someone’s announcing that they have problems digesting dairy.  But I totally did for Curtis.


Simon, Curtis, and Kelly mean business.

The losing card has to go to our bit players.  First for Brian, for being threatened by the above line, and just being really uptight about milk in general (and also for really grossing me out as I was trying to snack while watching the episode: thanks, Brian.  I’m glad Curtis punched you in the face).  Also, Daisy: poor Daisy, you were way too sweetness-and-light for this show.  I knew as soon as I saw you that you’d get killed.  It’s even typical that Nathan practically killed you.

It looks like it’s Christmas in October for us next week.  In the mean time, do you think you can come up with better superhero names for everyone than Nathan?  Let us know in the comments.

Nathan quote of the week: “What’s the point in all of us having super powers if we can’t use them to make obscene amounts of money and shag loads of drunk, impressionable girls?  It’s clearly what God intended for us and I, for one, will not let him down.”