Copper, S1 Ep8 – Better Times are Coming

Ellen and CorkyLet’s not beat around the bush with this review.  I’m going to skip right to the main event:  Corky actually found Ellen.  It was pretty darn heartbreaking.  Even though there is a strong possibility that Francis Maguire may have killed his fiancée, I don’t think Corky cares much right now (which is probably bad, but you’ve got to cut the guy some slack).  I must admit, however, that finding this out has redeemed Francis just a bit in my eyes.  Yes, he kept this secret from Corky when he shouldn’t have, but this also means Francis went to check on Ellen regularly.  I also believe his intentions for keeping Ellen’s true whereabouts from Corky were good.  You don’t want to break that kind of news to your friend, especially if you’re hopeful it can be fixed without your pal knowing.  That’s exactly why Francis kept his mouth shut and why he checked up on his friend’s wife so often, hoping she’d take a turn for the better.  Is he an angel in my eyes now?  Absolutely not.  After all, Mary may be dead because of a lover’s quarrel and Francis could very well be the perpetrator.

Robert and ElizabethElizabeth, I am judging you so hard right now.  You had your little fling with Robert and while I get Corky frightened you, be the sophisticated woman I know you are and go talk to the copper yourself.  You’re the character in Copper I always look to for a good sense of decorum.  I don’t look to you for a shining display of playground politics.  You’re strong.  Fight your own battles.  You were willing to go confront Annie’s incredibly hostile husband, so talk to Corky in person.  What has this situation taught us?  Honesty is the best policy, yo.

CartRobert Morehouse, you sly dog, you.  My respect for you is back!  I am completely willing to overlook your brief violation of the bro code!  Well done, sir.  Still not sure if you planned that cart explosion from the very beginning or if you decided to do it when the plan got too scary for you, but I don’t care!  You are now the man.  Really, that was action hero material.  Here I go!  I will make this cart explode with the fury of one thousand suns!  Oh, and I like you better when you’re best friends with Elizabeth.  It’s nice.  Meet every once in a while, partake in a little gossip.  Nothing wrong with that!  You should stay friends.  The dynamic is super cool and you don’t have to screw your friend over.  Trust me.  It’s the right choice (though I have the sneaking suspicion that you’re not going to listen to me).  Oh, well.  I tried.

Annie, go live with the nuns.  I swear, I wish you didn’t have to go.  I wish you could stay with Corky and fill that void in his life only a daughter can fill, but you can’t.  You’re unwilling.  I’m ready to see you go.  This is my final verdict and I think it’s one that’ll do you some good.