NYCC – Arrow Panel Recap

New York Comic Con was quite the scene this year – huge crowds, tons of exciting programming and an endless supply of cool things to catch your attention. One of the more popular screenings was the Arrow cast and creators, who gave a rousing discussion of the upcoming season! Geoff Jones moderated. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim was on the panel as well as stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy & Willa Holland.

A big highlight was the reel they showed; they actually ended up playing it twice, that’s how much the audience loved it! There were clips of upcoming episodes and a great game of “spot the villains” as well as a preview of the great John Barrowman. John, by the way, got the biggest applause every time his character appeared on the screen. Proof the showrunners made an excellent choice when they brought him on board. Marc Guggenheim called him a “game changer” – like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples he creates will have major impact on everyone. How’s that for an intriguing character?!

The first nine eps were covered in the chat; Guggenheim talked a great deal about the mythology idea behind the series. Not just the one from the various comics but the one they were creating for the series. So while fans will see familiar faces and concepts, there will definitely be some surprises – particularly when it comes to allies and villains in Arrow’s world. Upcoming episodes feature a host of named villains, such as Deadshot, Deathstroke, The Huntress and China White.

The action sequences are super important to the show’s creative team and the stars. Amell works hard to stay in shape and do as many stunts as he can. It shows!

Stephen Amell is very clearly in love with Arrow. He trains hard, he is crazy about the world they are creating and very excited to bring the audience into the action. It was refreshing to listen to someone who no only enjoys what they do, but also the impact it has on fans. And the fans appreciated it! He engaged them by answering questions and cheerleading his show.

Willa (playing Oliver Queen’s kid sister) couldn’t stop commenting on wanting to get a bow and arrow for herself! She’s eager to join the superhero fray with her brother.

If you haven’t been watching already – Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), is a billionaire playboy reportedly lost at sea with his father. He returns to Starling City to reclaim his birthright – while also becoming the masked vigilante, Green Arrow. Pursued by bad guys and the police, Oliver is constantly in danger with both his identities. Check it out!