Castle, S5 Ep4 – Murder, He Wrote

Now, this?  This was just plain fun, practically every second.

So, a weekend trip away with Beckett that’s interrupted by a murder?  In spite of (or maybe because of) having read a piece of (very good) fanfiction with that same plot summary about a year ago, I was looking forward to seeing how the show expanded on that one-line summary.  It did not disappoint (I mean, other than the constant interruptions whenever our duo were about to take advantage of their time alone together.  But that was part of the point, so you gotta go with it).

First off, after having recapped ten episodes of Ringer, and then having seen this episode of Castle, I gotta say, the Hamptons look like a beautiful place – one more part of New York I’d love to see someday.  Also, I know it’s been said before, but it bears repeating: Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are downright gorgeous.

At the Hamptons

Beautiful – and I’m not just talking about the location.

One minor complaint: I’m glad Rick and Kate didn’t skirt around the issue that Rick has brought other women to his place before.  However, can’t Castle the famous writer come up with a better reassurance for Beckett than, “None of [the other women] were you”?  Doesn’t seem very creative to me.  But that’s just a little thing.  It’s pretty clear from the rest of their busman’s holiday that Kate’s not just another in a long line of his hot women.

I enjoyed Chief Brady as the main supporting guest star this week.  His irritation with Castle and Beckett was quite justified, I think – as was his willingness to let them help once he learned more about who they are.  And I will admit, I fell for the misdirection of it being him who planted the evidence rather than Deputy Jones.  Well played, show.  Another well-played moment: Castle and Beckett discussing what their portmanteau name should be.  While I remain opposed to regularly using such ‘ship names myself, “Caskett” is probably the least objectionable one of which I am familiar.  And as Castle himself said, it fits them rather well, what with the ‘grave’ overtones.

Smug Ryan

Smug, teasing Ryan is pretty great.

As soon as Ryan began interrogating Lerner, I knew it was going to come out that Lerner had already been interrogated by Castle and his girlfriend, Beckett.  Ryan’s realization of who Beckett’s mysterious boyfriend actually is?  Priceless.  Seamus Dever is fantastic.  But, while I understand Ryan’s reluctance to spill the beans to Esposito, – clearly because he understands C & B’s reasons for keeping it a secret – Esposito is not going to be happy when he finds out Ryan has been keeping that secret from him.  Also, we all know neither of the boys would tell on them to Captain Gates.  It’ll probably come out accidentally, anyway!

Finally, this week in spot-the-Firefly-reference, did you all catch Castle extolling the “serenity” of the Hamptons after he and Beckett arrived?  I’m sure you did.

No new episode next week.  The following week’s summary, though, sounds… interesting.  ‘ll be tuning in to see how it goes – will you?