Supernatural, S8 Ep2 – What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

Ms. Tran, Kevin, Dean, and Sam facing Crowley

Here we are at week two of the newest season of Supernatural and we have another good episode, which I’m frankly shocked by.  I’m not used to two good episodes in a row, anymore.  Let’s hope they can keep this up.  A trend I’m noticing in this season already is that the characters are at the heart of each episode.  I think that’s why they’ve worked so well.  It’s the characters that we tune in for every week and I’m glad that the writers are playing to that strength.  I’ll cover the plot briefly, but it’s the characters that I want to concentrate on.

Sam holding Thor's hammer

Sam is worthy to wield the power of Thor.

This story was fun even though it pretty much happened just because nothing can be easy for the Winchesters.  Kevin had the tablet safe–he had it–but then it got stolen by some random person and ended up in the hands of a god who wanted to sell it at auction.  And, of course, now Crowley has it, because that’s just the luck of the Winchesters.  As convoluted as that plot is, I liked the supernatural auction.  With all the powerful items from mythology that the brothers have already encountered, and who knows how many more floating around, there was bound to be a way for people to trade for them.  But I can’t believe that Sam and Dean actually thought that human money might be useful at the place.  Come on, guys, it’s run by a god, he doesn’t need your money.  They should’ve known it was going to come down to a soul; they’ve traded enough of them to know that that’s the only universal currency.

Speaking of souls, I’m glad to see the demons taking prominence in the plot again.  Leviathans and the other denizens of purgatory were okay, but the demons have so much history on the show that it makes it much more personal whenever they show up.  And since they seem to be focusing more on characters this season, personal is what you need.  I’m especially gleeful that Crowley is the Big Bad this season.  Crowley is so fabulous and devious, he makes for the perfect villain.  In this episode, we got to see his demon eyes for the first time–red, like other crossroads demons–but we also found out that his demon form is red smoke, instead of the usual black.  Is that just a cool special effect or did it come with the promotion to king of hell?

(As much as I like the demons, I do wonder what happened to all those leviathans.  As unimpressive and kind of annoying as they were, even without Dick they were still supposed to be formidable, just easier to take down.  What happened to them?  You can’t just ignore an enemy that big even if you don’t like them.  One hand-wavy line of dialogue is all I ask and then we can forget them as the poor decision, one-night stand bad guy that they were.)

Linda Tran

Badass: It runs in the family.

Now let’s get to the main point of this episode: Kevin’s mom has got it going on.  She is hardcore; I can see where Kevin gets it from.  Okay, so she didn’t hold up that well with being possessed by Crowley and almost killed by someone she thought was an ally (Dean, we need to have a talk about stabbing people-it doesn’t mater if they’re a demon, it’s not polite), but who would be able to deal with that? S he only just got into all of this, so I can understand her breakdown at the end.  I hope she gets it back together soon and stands with her son in what will probably be an epic battle against the forces of hell because Linda Tran does what she has to do and keeps her head in almost every crazy situation this episode could throw at her. Her friend is possessed by a demon and just got killed in front of her?  Okay, at least they’re safe now.  Her son is a prophet of the lord?  Well of course, look at his grades!  Want to get a tattoo so that the demons won’t use your body like a meat puppet?  No big deal, it’s not like it’s her first tattoo.

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