Revolution S1 Ep4 “The Plague Dogs”

Down in the B Plot, Neville is being crushed under some fallen debris while a heavy piece of machinery hangs precariously over his head, about to fall.  Like a metaphor or something.  He asks Danny to help him – Danny, who is free, unshackled, with freedom shining down from above.  Neville gives him a speech about his father and how good he was and what a decent person he was; what would he want Danny to do?

Speaking as a parent, Ben would want Danny to jump out of the cellar and run like the dickens.  FYI.

But this is Danny and he lifts the object off Neville, pulling him away from the falling-right-now machinery, to save his life.  Neville, who then pushes him against the wall and handcuffs him.  At this point, I vote Charlie and company skip the rescue because Danny doesn’t deserve it.

Charlie is being held by the psycho in some sort of basement.  He’s booby-trapping the room (when the door opens, an arrow will shoot her in the face.  Jeepers) and giving her a speech about living alone and surviving.  Then he mentions his dead daughter Lila and things really start going downhill from there.  Psycho tried to keep her safe after the blackout; stockpiled food, supplies and medicine.  Everything but a gun.  Then the looters came and took everything.  When Lila stepped on a nail a few weeks later, she got tetanus.  His daughter, who he tried to protect, died in front of his eyes.  Because of looters.

He then makes Charlie an entirely creepy proposition to “stay” and when she flinches, he calls her a bitch.  Sympathy gone, dude.  Then he covers her mouth with duct tape as they hear Miles and Nate calling her name.

Psycho knocks Nate out and gets into a brutal fight with Miles.  Spoiler alert: Like everyone else who does that, Miles wins.

Miles grabs the key for the room Charlie is in and races to find her.  Except she can’t warn him that opening the door means getting a face full of arrow.  She rocks the bolted down chair until it’s loose and in a split second between opening the door and the arrow flying, she moves to the side.  Safe.

Miles, Nate and Charlie return to the diner. The dogs are no more.  Miles says “time out, ” which probably means “dead.”

Maggie thanks Charlie for saving her and Charlie smiles – yes, she’s going to save Maggie.  But no, Maggie is dying.  She knows this.  She thanks Charlie for saving her those years ago, but there’s nothing she can do now.  Asking for her phone, Maggie clutches it in her hands.  She remembers reading The Wizard of Oz to her boys as Charlie begs her not to die.  Maggie drifts between the moment and the past, playing with her little boys, their laughter and smiles, and dies.

The group grieves Maggie's death in "The Plague Dogs"

RIP Maggie. You will be missed.

Seriously, the best scene of the show so far.  It was absolutely unexpected and heart-breaking, as Charlie grieves for her (second) lost mother and the team is stunned into sad silence.  Even Nate can’t look at the terrible scene.  Miles pulls Charlie into his arms and promises not to leave her.

Bas rejoins Rachel in her sitting room prison.  He goes for the kill without pleasantries.  What kind of mother is she?  She abandoned her children, left them alone.  Didn’t hesitate to walk away from them.  Bas tells her that Danny will be there soon – and they’ll see how strong she is when they start torturing him in front of her.  Or maybe it doesn’t matter.  Maybe she walked away once and can ignore his pain now.

Rachel flashes back to leaving the kids; she cries, in terrible conflict and pain, as she listens to Charlie calling for her.  She reaches a barn, where men stand in shadows. “I came,” she says, “Just as you asked.”  And out of the shadows comes… Miles.

“Miles, promise me I’ll see my kids again?” she begs.  But he doesn’t reply as she’s handcuffed and taken away.


This was probably the best episode of the series so far.  Toned down on the lingering fight scenes, amped up in terms of emotional conflict, Revolution seems to have found a nice balance here.  The acting in this episode was some of the best so far.  It was subtle and therefore more affecting.  And then, of course, the emotional impact of Maggie’s death.  Unlike Ben, who we barely knew, Maggie was a sympathetic and kind character.  Her death forces Miles to step up and be the last bit of family Charlie has.  Since the reality is, Miles is a dangerous threat to them all, what will the consequences of that be?  And who knows about his real motives?  Having Nate join the little crew is one I was expecting and hoping for.  While the surrogate father/son relationship seems to be playing out in a creepy way with Neville and Danny, I’d much prefer Miles trying to steer Nate from the dark side while trying to save his own soul instead.  And it couldn’t be more clear that Charlie and Nate are destined to continue their star-crossed attraction.

Good stuff and getting better.  Keep it up Revolution.  You’ve got me hooked.

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