Revolution S1 Ep4 “The Plague Dogs”

Bas doesn’t know why Rachel can’t appreciate him being so nice to her.  After all, she’s not in a dungeon!  She is, however, about to get tortured by a creepy guy with the roll of dental tools and sharp pointy things.  Martha Stewart needs to school Bas on his guest hosting skills for sure.

Maggie patches up Aaron who is concerned about rabies.  Which would be my very first concern, furthering my belief that Aaron in my (and the audiences’) representative in this narrative.  The gang is on alert and Charlie feels like someone is out there watching them.  She looks to the bushes, into the darkness, nervously. Good instincts Charlie someone is definitely watching them.

Nora reprimands Miles for yelling at Charlie.  He agrees she didn’t deserve his ire and that’s why he’s leaving.  They’ll be better off without him!  Nora calls Miles a dick; all he does is come up with crap excuses and run when things get tough.  He “doesn’t know Charlie and he’s not responsible for this and he doesn’t care and–” Charlie’s heard the whole thing.  She watches him with tearful eyes.

Flashback: Rachel is saying good-bye to little Charlie and little Danny.  Charlie sobs as she begs her mother not to leave.  Rachel is going for supplies, to be gone for months, and she needs Charlie to be brave.  The family watches, heartbroken, as Rachel turns and walks down the path.  Charlie calls and begs her not to leave, but Rachel keeps walking.  Sad, sad, sad.

Back in the future, Aaron is okay, which is fortunate because those dogs are still out there, barking mad.  Let’s get going folks.

Morning dawns and that storm Danny predicted is rolling in.  Fortunately, they come upon a barn that is large enough for the whole Militia, the horses, wagons and an open window just below where Danny is left, unchained.  There’s also a loose nail and…

Moving on.

Miles and Nate get into a brutal fight in "The Plague Dogs"

At least Miles didn’t kill him!

The team walks through yet another abandoned town (or the same one, not sure), being followed by Not Nate.  Miles takes the opportunity to get into a macho brawl with Nate, with some good shots by both men.  Charlie and company arrive to break it up and with the physical violence over, they trade insults.  Charlie is forced to fess up that, yeah, she knows him a bit more now and what does that matter?  He’s Militia, let’s interrogate him and by the way?  Go to hell Miles and aren’t you leaving yet?

Flashback to Maggie, who has walked to the East Coast from Seattle in a desperate bid to find a ship that will take her home to England.  The man at the docks tells her that England might as well be the moon; any ship that could make that trip is either destroyed or taken by the Militia.  She isn’t going home.  At least, not now.  A stoic Maggie thanks him and walks away, devastated.

The storm is hitting the barn hide-out.  Danny jumps out the window and makes a run for it, only to be caught by Neville. Tornado ahoy!  They don’t have time to get to the barn but instead jump into the conveniently placed storm shelter.

Maggie and Miles have a chat about his leaving.  She tells him about her quest to find a way back to her children, the years she spent walking up and down the East Coast.  When she realized that her children were most likely dead, she gave up entirely.  Maggie decided to kill herself.  She poured a cup of poison, sat on a rock near a beautiful lake and… was interrupted.  By Ben, Miles’ brother, who was looking for water.  She tells him to go but Ben clearly saw something in her sadness, inviting her to his campground to have supper with him and his kids.  Maggie went with him, met Danny and Charlie, and was taken into their little family.  Those children – and Ben – saved her life.  They gave her something to care about again. A nd maybe Charlie can do that for him as well.

The dogs appear again; Miles directs everyone to run for a diner only a few yards away.  On the count of… they skip right to three because the dogs are running their way with murder in their eyes.  They make it safely except, where is Maggie?!  She’s been grabbed by a man and then viciously stabbed.  Miles saves her, bringing her to the others.  Things are bad: the knife wound has severed an artery in her leg.

The gang runs away from a pack of crazed dogs in "The Plague Dogs"

Run! Run! Bad dogs!

In the storm cellar, Neville tells Danny he can glower at him like he’s sucking on a lemon (ha, ha) or they can be civil.  Danny is surprised to find out Neville has a son – a son he just wants a safe future for.  Neville believes that the Militia – and Monroe – are the only way to guarantee that.  Side note: How does Neville have a never-ending supply of liquor in his flask?  Is he carrying around a still?

Miles and Nora go to the roof to try to find this crazy stabbing psycho.  Maggie wants them to go on without her but Charlie refuses. (Not Nate is tied to a pole in the corner, by the way.)  Maggie has always been there for her, and Charlie is going to give her a taste of her own medicine by not ever leaving her alone.

Storm cellar: The storm seems to pass over them when suddenly something heavy falls through the ceiling on top of them.  The predictability is painful.

At the diner, Maggie needs Charlie and Aaron to sew the artery in her leg because she’s bleeding out.  While Charlie preps, the stabbing psycho comes in through the back and grabs her, running away.

Miles and Nora return.  Aaron tells him that Charlie’s been taken.  Nate gives him an official rundown of the suspect and the situation. Looking around, Miles realizes he has one good shot of getting back Charlie.  He unties Nate and beckons him to follow.  Nora and Aaron are going to have to perform surgery on Maggie themselves.

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