Revolution S1 Ep4 “The Plague Dogs”

Charlie and Maggie are reunited in the new episode of Revolution.

Things are going better for Maggie and Charlie’s relationship after two weeks apart!

Well, we’re four episodes in and while we’re still wading through Revolution mythology and back story, we’ve been hit with a few game changers.  “The Plague Dogs” was no different!  With a nod to the recurring theme of parents and children (What would we do for them? What would we sacrifice?) there is also a tense action plot and more revelations about the key players in this story.

Previously on Revolution, everyone has splintered off and are finding their way to the rendezvous point.  Also, as a reminder, Danny is mostly boring, and Miles is/was a bad guy.

We open with Charlie running frantically through the woods, being chased by a Militia guy.  He catches up to her, throwing her to the ground.  She stole a backpack of food (Does she know what they’re going to do to her for a week’s worth of food?).  Before they can work it out, Miles arrives and knocks the guy out.  Oh, it was a trap…

Miles identifies himself, promises all the stuff he’s heard about him is true, and have they seen Neville and his hostage?  Yep, he’s been through.  They’re headed to Nobelsville, only a day ahead.  They’re so close!  Militia guy gets knocked back out and the Heroic Group heads off.

Charlie wants to know what those stories the Militia guy heard were.  What, exactly, did Miles do when he was in the Militia?  Miles has zero patience for this line of questioning and tells her to shut up with the questions; if she doesn’t, he’s out of here and she can find Danny for herself.

At the meeting point, Maggie is worried about Charlie, as they’re a day overdue.  Aaron assures her that Charlie is a tough kid and they’ll be here; he’s not worried.  Maggie doesn’t look convinced as we fade into a flashback.  A glamorous and dressed-to-the-nines Maggie is getting ready in a hotel room as she talks via Skype to her two little boys back in England.  They want to know if she’s coming home soon (“two sleeps”) and if she’ll read another chapter of The Wizard of Oz before she has to go out.  But no, it’s late in England, she’s on her way out, and in the middle of their “yeses and pleases and nos,” the power goes out.  It was the last communication she had with her kids.

Back in the future, Aaron tells Maggie they need to keep the pendant and power source a secret.  Someone will kill for that kind of secret and the less people know the better.

Suddenly, they hear Charlie calling and Maggie pulls her into a tight embrace.  They’re both clearly glad to be reunited and it’s a nice moment.  For all the past bickering, Maggie really is the only family Charlie has to depend on at the moment, particularly with the truth about Miles still so sketchy.  They introduce Nora, who seems greatly irritated by this being the crew they’re challenging the Militia with.  She storms off.

Aaron: We’re standing right here!

Since they’re only a day away from Danny, Miles insists they keep going.  Night falls as they walk along the deserted streets of a small town.  There is something following them, a sound of faint clicking and then… the wet sound of breathing.  It’s not human; it’s a pack of dogs eating a dead steer.  Disturbed from their meal, the dogs begin barking viciously.  The team is frozen until Miles says, “Run!”

Miles and the gang try to avoid a pack of angry dogs in "The Plague Dogs"

Miles and the gang try to skip becoming a meal for a pack of dogs.

And they do.

With the dogs in hot pursuit, the team attempts to climb a high chain link fence.  When one of the dogs grabs ahold of Aaron’s leg, Maggie shoots it in the face with an arrow.  Whew.  They pull Aaron over the fence and collapse on the other side.

We’re traveling through the woods with Neville, Danny and the Militia Red Shirts.  There’s a storm brewing and Danny-who has lost the sleeves on his shirt and can now read the weather patterns by smell-advises they seek shelter.  Neville mocks him a bit and a Militia guy points out they’re only an hour away from their destination.  Thunder crashes ominously.

Sebastian arrives to visit Rachel, who quickly puts away the sketches she’s been working on.  Bas is far less cordial then he’s been; he wants to know what Ben was working on when the blackout happened.  He wants to know why an Algebra teacher worked for the government and with high clearance.  He wants to know why he knew to call Miles before the blackout.  But Rachel keeps her face neutral.  She has no idea what he’s talking about.

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