Matt Smith and Steven Moffat Lend a Hand to History

Yesterday marked the first day that The Doctor has had his hand prints immortalized in cement.  Where, you ask?  Why, at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  Where else would you expect to find them?  What’s that?  What is the Doctor Who Experience?  Great question, one that I asked even myself!

The Doctor Who Experience is one part museum of the show and one part interactive escapade.  This place is loaded with things like Tom Baker’s TARDIS Police Box, three different TARDIS control rooms, Weeping Angels, Daleks, Zygons, Icemen, Silurians, Silence and Cybermen all tied together with special scenes of current Doctor, Matt Smith, in a walk through audience participation story.  In short, it is the closest we’ll ever get to our own adventure with The Doctor.

Of having his hands immortalized Matt Smith says, “I’m honoured to have made my own little piece of Doctor Who history today.  It’s a show with so much tradition over nearly 50 years, so to be the first Doctor to take part in something like this is really special.”

Current show runner Steven Moffat also had his prints cemented and said, “I’m very excited and honoured to have my hands preserved forever.  And quite relieved they came back out of the cement!  I now know, for all my future crimes, that my fingerprints are readily and permanently available.”

Yes, Steven, some of us are watching you very closely.

If you’re interested in journeying to The Doctor Who Experience check out their web page and become a fan of their Facebook page for more information!  I so want to go.