Misfits S02E05

kelly's face

Poor Kelly: you and your awesome faces deserve much better.

My poor, poor Kelly.  Whenever she gets her own story lines, terrible things happen to her.  First, she’s cursed with baldness.  Now she has sex with a gorilla.  I guess when the focus is put on specific characters — Nathan discovering he has a half-brother, Alisha deals with her power — bad things often happen to them.  But, at least characters get to grow as a part of it.

As far as I can tell, things just suck for Kelly.  Given that she’s one of my favorite characters, I feel for her.  I continue to really want to have a drink with her.  And Nikki.  I still really like Nikki, even though I’m not sure what she sees in Curtis (because he was really only being awesome back in season 1, when she didn’t know him).

But hey, I finally got to see everyone run around in superhero outfits.  It was not as awesome as I’d hoped.  Sure, it makes more sense that they’d be dressed as superheroes for a costume party.  But was it too much to ask, to see them attempt the vigilante gig just once?  If anyone could pull that off, could make the ridiculousness happen and work in just one episode, it would be Howard Overman.

Maybe I’m clinging to my Super!Misfits dreams because there wasn’t really anything in this episode to hold my interest for long.  There weren’t that many good quotes, even from Nathan.  It really speaks to the overall dullness of this episode that I only just finished watching it, and I’m already drawing a blank on what to write about it.

awkward duo

The awkward investigative duo.

Even the villain was lame.  This is a show that, for villains of the week, has given us an uptight brainwashing Sybil Crawley, a guy who thinks he’s living a video game, and crazy tattoo artists with peanut kryptonite.  This week we get more variations on the rage monster theme, which has been done countless times, including on this show.

I might allow every season a weak episode, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy said weak episode all that much.  At least, like last time, it looks like we’ll be back to awesomeness next week.  A superpower called lactokinesis?  I’m in.

I did really like Nathan and Alisha ganging up to be the odd couple investigative duo.  I realize that we can’t get much mileage out of “two people stand around really awkwardly when they have a person they both want to save, but otherwise have nothing in common” gag, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.  It was also cute to see Simon and Nathan embark on something verging on friendship this episode.

I keep seeing little hints of the hijinks that could be, but I’m afraid that they’re not actually going to come to pass.  At least we saw something approaching genuine affection from Nathan’s end this week, though little of it was returned by Simon, given that Nathan was insulting the girl in whom Simon was interested.


I guess it was kind of funny that Kelly fell for a gorilla, but meh.

I like to think that, at this point, Nathan would try to save the life of any of his fellow misfits.  He seemed actually concerned about Simon, though; the only other person for whom he’s showed that level of concern is Kelly.  Maybe I’m reading into things, but in an episode otherwise this slow, I have to entertain myself somehow.

Nathan quote of the week: “When am I ever serious?”  Honorable mention by Kelly: “This is why people kill you.”