J.K. Rowling Working on New Children’s Book

The Casual Vacancy book coverVariety is the spice of life, right? At the Cheltenham Literature Festival, J.K. Rowling revealed that the next book she plans to publish will probably be a children’s book, but one for younger kids than the Harry Potter audience. This news comes while she’s still doing publicity for her recently released adult novel, The Casual Vacancy. Vacancy has sold well but it received lukewarm reviews and has a lot of people gasping dramatically over the adult language and situations written by the same person who created Hogwarts. Will a new children’s book be subjected to the same ruthless criticism that her adult book was or will it fair better? Rowling says that she’s working on a lot of things right now, including a new adult novel, but it isn’t far in development yet. So we can probably expect plenty more books from Rowling in the future.

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