Castle, S5 Ep3 – Secret’s Safe With Me


You know, this show may ‘just’ be a procedural starring Nathan Fillion, but I do love it.  That’s largely because of its characters and portrayal of family.

Gates and the doll

I bet Penny Johnson was happy for the chance to inject some humor into her character this week.

This week’s reliance on metaphorical and actual “stuff” was heavy-handed, but ended up working pretty well.  Sometimes when the show tries to link together the A plot and the B plot, it’s too forced.  With Alexis moving out and the storage locker, it didn’t cross that line.  I do have to wonder if dorm rooms at Columbia are really that huge and nice, though.  At least Alexis probably doesn’t have to worry about her roommate being a demon in disguise, like Buffy in her absurdly gigantic dorm room.

Speaking of Alexis, it was about time for some Castle family goodness this week, since we’ve barely seen any Alexis or Martha yet this season.  I’m glad Alexis doesn’t actually suddenly hate Beckett.  At the same time, I hope we do see some good interactions between Alexis and Beckett.  Also, who was surprised that Martha already knew about her son and Beckett?  Not me.  (I figured it would either be her or Ryan and Espo who came out with their knowledge of it first.  As I said for last week’s episode, I bet the boys do know.)  Martha’s total lack of surprise?  Also not a surprise.

Alexis feeling ambivalent about moving away – even when it’s not far away – rang very true, since we know how close she and her dad are.  I admit I teared up a little when the two of them were saying their not-really-farewells in the dorm room.  Because I am a sap and a giant sucker for father-daughter stuff.

The case of the week?  Not bad.  I was hoping it wouldn’t take long for the super-smart police detective and the bestselling mystery novelist to follow up with the other guy who was in the bidding war with Castle.  Since, you know, I thought of that immediately and I’m not a crime-solving expert.  Not ever having been rich, I can’t comment on the believability of the aforementioned bestselling novelist having two grand in his pocket.

The handshake kiss, as I believe the Internets are already calling it, was adorable.  It seems the writers are not at all loath to follow in the footsteps of Mulder and Scully in making almost platonic physical contact extremely sexy.  I do not mind this at all – though, of course, I also don’t mind seeing Castle and Beckett kissing and/or in bed together for real!  But this exchange, seriously, after they’ve described what the handshake represents:

The handshake

Sexiest. Handshake. Ever.

Castle: Best handshake ever.

Beckett: (huge grin) Yeah.

(They linger a moment.)

Castle: I think my hand’s getting a little sweaty.

Beckett: Yeah, I know, it’s kind of gross.

Castle: Sorry.

Hee! The chemistry between Fillion and Katic remains at a very high level.  I love it.  That, plus the sweet Castle/Alexis moments, made the episode for me. And also, the unexpected hilarity of new Nikki Heat fan Captain Gates and the doll!  Awesome.

Any other favorite moments to add?