Castle, S5 Ep2 – Cloudy With a Chance of Murder

Here I am at last with last week’s review. Sorry for the delay.

We’re back into the regular swing of cases of the week on Castle – which is not a bad thing, just very familiar.  I would say this episode probably isn’t one of my new favorite stand-alones, but it was good.


Forgetting to bring her coffee?  Not a good start to “acting normal,” Castle.

I enjoyed the banter between Castle and Beckett at the beginning: very sweet, amusing, and in-character.  I laughed when Castle said no one at work would find out about them, “but just to be safe, you might want to change out of those pants.”  Then Beckett reports that there’s been a murder uptown, so Castle, disappointed, says, “Aaand it looks like the pants stay on.”  Hee.  At least the rule against co-workers dating is a believable reason for Rick and Kate to keep their relationship a secret for now – for however much longer that lasts.  (I’m guessing Esposito and Ryan already have guessed by the end of this episode.)  On a related note, it was kind of a nice surprise that the show addressed the fact that Beckett’s outfits are not what you’d call normal for a police detective.  I’m going to have to agree with Castle: obviously she has been wearing sexy outfits for the last five years because, subconsciously at least, she wanted him.  Sort of like Scully and Mulder.

The case itself was average: serviceable, not boring, but full of anvils about secret co-worker relationships and what happens when you have to lie to everyone you work with all the time.  Though this made for some excellent uncomfortable looks from Beckett and Castle, it was a leeetle heavy-handed.  That’s characteristic of the show, though.  The murderer was fairly obvious as soon as he was introduced, as happens often.  However, as is also usual, I didn’t guess the reason why he did it.  I also guessed that the confrontation with the athlete’s bodyguards would be what brought Esposito to forgive Ryan, but I didn’t guess how it would play out.  Mostly, I’m glad our two favorite boys with their matching black eyes are bros again.

Horrified gasp

Our thoughts exactly, Beckett.

Lastly, it’s good to know that my weird inability to deal with highly awkward and cringe-worthy situations on TV continues.  I had heard ahead of time that Beckett was going to walk in on Castle with some other woman straddling him on the couch, so I knew it was going to happen… but I still had to look away when the moment actually arrived.  Thankfully, I think Beckett handled it appropriately, and it led to a conversation between her and Castle that needed to happen.  The writers have to know that the majority of their viewers don’t want to see C/B implode.  That definitely includes me!

So, what did you think?  And do you have a wager as to who’ll figure out about Castle and Beckett first?  Let us know in the comments!