Copper, S1 Ep7 – The Hudson River School

AnnieExtra, extra!  Read all about it!  Annie strikes again in righteous anger!  She’s screwed up and it’s not her fault.  If I could just build an anti-pervert force-field around her, that would be lovely.  I must admit my harshness was a little unmerited in some of my earlier pieces.  Not only has she suffered under the unwanted emotional and physical grasps of terrifying men, but she’s been forced to kill to preserve her own well-being on more than one occasion.  It was easy to overlook everything she had been through because she was acting like the child of Satan at Elizabeth Haverford’s house.  I strongly detested her, but this last episode was like a sudden jolt to my heartstrings.  You hardly see her vulnerable because she’s always on the offensive, but when she showed up at Corky’s in tears, I felt bad for how I had judged her.  And you know that’s totally what they were going for!  Well done, Copper!  The emotional roller coaster continues not only for the characters, but for the audience as well.  (Side note:  Corky fed Mr. Reilly’s body to the pigs.  That was gross, man.)

Elizabeth and CorkyHey!  I almost forgot!  Corky and Elizabeth got it on!  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it.  It was going to happen eventually, but I thought it would take a few more make out sessions before anything serious went down.  With Corky’s track record it made sense, but Elizabeth was the shocker for me.  I thought she would be at least a little hesitant, but that clearly was not the case.  Too bad their happiness together was short-lived.  She lies to Corky about where she sent Annie and, of course, he finds out about it.  Elizabeth, I thought you were so much smarter than this.  You lied to your main squeeze and he’s a detective!  In what universe does that sound like a good idea?

FrancisFrancis, I don’t trust you.  The amount of respect I have for you decreases with every episode.  All you had to do was tell Corky about the ledger.  Mary left you for another man and England, so what do you care?  There’s no need to protect her anymore.  You had the chance to inform your best bud and you blew it.  It’s okay, though.  He’s only been looking for evidence concerning the whereabouts of his wife since — well, forever.  Oh, and remember when you moved on from Molly in the blink of an eye for the first girl to bat an eyelash in your direction?  I do!  Mary leaves you and what do you do?  Pine over Molly!  I’m calling shenanigans!  YOU HAVE NO HONOR, SIR!

Speaking of no honor… Robert Morehouse!  Just what do you think you’re doing with Elizabeth Haverford?  I’m not entirely certain, but I’m pretty sure you broke at least a dozen rules in the bro code.  Not cool, dude.

I will leave you with some happy thoughts.  Andrew and Sybil, I would seriously watch a sitcom about the two of you.  You’re both adorable and I ship it so hard (even though you’re currently together).  Also, there’s going to be a new addition to the Freeman family if everything goes according to plan.  Sara is pregnant, finally!  Maybe the baby will be a super genius and save everyone from all of the terrible things in Five Points.  Wishful thinking?  I know, but a girl can hope.