Revolution S1 Ep3 – “No Quarter”

Revolution "No Quarter"

Episode three of Revolution, “No Quarter” may also be referred to as “Filler” or “Filler With an Important Revelation,” depending on your feelings on the matter.  Personally, I felt this was a slight let down from last week, which seemed to have a much better pace to it, not to mention be chock full of plot points.  Plus hello – Charlie’s mom isn’t dead!  How does that get zero play this week?   “No Quarter” had a few surprises in it, though in retrospect they may seem a tad obvious.

On the new Revolution, Nora leads Charlie and Miles to the Rebels

Nora is a patriot with a fifteen year supply of color-safe bleach because that shirt looks great!

New Heroic Team walks the countryside, with Miles and Nora expositioning (new word, taking credit, call the Dictionary People) while Charlie tags behind, mostly rolling her eyes.  Miles thinks Nora’s Rebel Ideals are stupid; they can’t beat the Militia and she’s wasting her time.  She refuses to believe that, because she has her reasons, which do not involve him but do involve a male type person.  Miles scowls.

Flashback: Miles and Not Yet Evil Sebastian Monroe.  Miles wants to leave the military base where he and Bas are sequestered since the blackout.  As he packs, he tells his bestie he needs to find his family and that’s that.  Bas announces he’s going with Miles because they are family.  Or at least they are until Sebastian becomes the Evil Dictator of Everything.

Nora and Charlie grow closer as they fight the Militia

Nora’s devotion to the Rebels is a positive for Charlie and a pain in Miles’ butt.

Back to the future, we’re at the Rebel Base to meet more new characters.  Nicholas is glad to see Nora, while their prolonged embrace has Miles and Charlie sharing sidewise looks.  Miles introduces them as Sam and Franny.  Come on guys, I’m running out of brain cells to remember everyone without throwing in aliases.  Can we start petitioning for name tags?

Inside the Rebel Hideout, the team finds a bunch of rebels lying dead and dying, covered in blood.  They were attacked during a raid for Militia guns this morning; everyone is either dead or hurt… except for one missing person.  Miles is concerned where no one else is – what if the missing guy is spilling his guts?

Given that he’s being held by Creepy Murderous Guy aka Commander Jeremy Baker, that is not a euphemism.

We’re playing Russian Roulette in the woods during the interrogation of said missing guy and Creepy Baker.  He’s giving an elegant monologue about how hard it is to find bullets these days, as they can’t be made any more and how each one is valuable so he has to be careful who he kills… mentally torturing the poor schlub and boom!  Unsurprisingly, Creepy Baker wins the game.


On the Road, Danny is having issues with Private Richards, who killed his father (and whose best friend he killed).  Richards is upset with our young hostage and wants to torture him when Neville isn’t paying attention.  Danny seems to be developing some sort of personality, won’t take any of this guy’s crap and interrupts Neville’s reading time to demand some water… fetched by Private Richards.  Buuuurn.

Miles continues to be sidetracked by everything ever.   Nora wants to evacuate the wounded at the camp, Miles wants to go find Danny, Charlie is the tie breaker – they’re going to save the Rebel camp from the must-be encroaching Militia.  Didn’t Charlie just spent two episodes demanding they find her brother?  Now they’re doing this?  Miles lives to be vexed by women.

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