Misfits S02E04

fighting evil

Oh, beautiful future Simon: we hardly knew ye.  You came to save the others, and you did, and to be pretty and distracting for us, and you were.  Seriously, though, props to Iwan Rheon, who, in one episode, can play the same person two very different and convincing ways.  He’s clearly still Simon, but there’s something different about him.  I’m interested to see our current Simon transform into the future one.

simon as a video game character

The latest incarnation of Simon: a video game crime boss.

I suppose if I’m going to mourn future!Simon I also ought to be mourning Ollie, but eh.  Yet again this show makes us sympathize more with petty criminals than genuinely good people.  Ollie’s in community service for environmental activism-related vandalism, but then he’s immediately shot by a crazy guy who thinks he’s in a video game.  Like Curtis said: “I didn’t really know the guy; I’m not feeling it.”

I actually have more thoughts about the random guy who thought he was the lead character in a Grand Theft Auto-style bloodbath.  I wonder what he was like in real life.  Was he a quiet, gentle, sort of man?  Was he, as Kelly insinuated, the type who sat around all day playing video games and watching porn?  Was he just an ordinary guy?  A yuppie jerk?  Why did it take so long for his power to take effect, or has he been terrorizing the city this whole time?  Why am I so curious about some random powers-crazy guy?

Whenever I try to get others into Misfits this is the episode I always tell them about.  It’s actually a bad one to start with, because it does carry over story lines from other episodes — notably Simon and Alisha — that wouldn’t make sense without knowing what’s going on.  But it’s the prime example of how Misfits approaches the concept of superpowers: the villain of the week is a guy who thinks he’s living a video game.  Even the coolest powers, like time travel and teleportation, are limited.


Breaking up is hard to do – when you’re hiding from a guy who thinks he’ll get 25 points for shooting you.

There’s more to it than that, though.  The powers of our main characters have, more or less, been facets of their personalities (even Nathan’s: he’s the kind of guy people are always going to want to kill).  Now the show might be developing that even further: think of Simon.  He can control his power at will, and his future self had other supernatural abilities (time travel and being able to touch Alisha).

Does that mean if Curtis or Ollie (or Nikki, now) worked at it enough, they could have better control over their own abilities?  Does the fact that they don’t mean that they can’t, or just that they’re the sort of people not to try hard enough?

Curtis at least should be used to hard work, to buckling down and achieving goals.  But it took him a while to accept his arrest and his ban from professional sports, so maybe he’s still struggling to accept his superpowers.  The show’s had a number of other subtle character development moments in the past (my favorite is still the contrasting window washing styles of Nathan, Kelly, and Simon), so I think it’s believable that Overman is using characters’ powers to develop them in such a subtle way as well.

I know what you’re thinking: Angela, this episode is a riot, why aren’t you talking about that?  Well, there’s only so many ways to say “this was really funny,” and I think I exhausted most of them with season 1.  This episode, perhaps more than any of the others that came before it, was just a constant stream of amazing one-liners.  I can’t make a review out of listing the best quotes (or maybe I can; if you think so, vote for it in the comments below!)

fancy dinner

Also, Kelly gets bonus points for being sassy at her fancy dinner with crazypants video game guy.

Best moments: Nathan asking for time off after Ollie’s death (and needing Simon’s help remembering the guy’s name), and their arguments against being superheroes and for being criminals (and then actually being criminals).  Bonus best moment (thanks to E4’s extra videos): Nathan playing around in a wedding dress.

Worst moments: All the romantic drama, especially with Curtis.  He and Alisha were rather mean to each other at their break-up, and I don’t really understand why Nikki suddenly likes Curtis.  Also, future!Simon’s death, mostly because it means we won’t get to watch him parade around shirtless anymore (sob).

Nathan quote of the week: “He made an obscene gesture.  I don’t care if he’s dead, that’s no excuse for rudeness.”