Glee, S4, Ep3 – “Makeover”


Welcome to Glee’s Season Four Renaissance, as beloved characters get new lives and new dreams (and new loves), and background folk come to the forefront. “Makeover”, the seasons’ third episode, might as well be referring to Glee as a whole. There’s a sense of vitality and energy, as the New York/Lima split continues to look like a very smart move from the show runners.

PS: If you haven’t checked out Ryan Murphy on Twitter, you are missing a fun, fun time.

To combat loneliness, Blaine joins a ton of clubs in the new episode, "Makeover"

Okay, we get the Robin reference but the kitty ears? Does this have something to do with the leather discussion at Vogue?

This episode kicks off with the ever-dapper Blaine “Warbler” Anderson, strutting down the McKinley hallway with purpose. After letting the seniors shine last year (modesty is such a charming trait Mr. Anderson), Blaine is ready to bloom. He’s also needing something to distract him from the fact that his boyfriend is six hundred miles away and while texting, calling and Skype (excellent for hate watching Treme) are wonderful inventions, they don’t walk you to class or hold your hand when you’re lonely.

His voice over (the character’s first I believe) segues into a great cover of the Tears for Fear’s classic “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, following Blaine as he joins a host of clubs to fill his time. Advanced D&D (Darren Criss brought his own wizard’s robes), Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club (Robin with Cat Ears?) and a host of others, until he comes upon the Big One. Senior Class President sign-ups, with just one name – Brittany S. Pierce. So Blaine grabs his pen and puts his name down.

Blaine versus Brittany. It’s on.

Kurt applies for a job at in the new episode "Makeover"

Hippo broaches for luck. Kurt takes Vogue with portfolio in hand.

Back in New York, Blaine’s other half is having a voice-over of his own. As Kurt frantically tries to find the perfect outfit, we find out he’s about to interview at, with the Very Big Deal Isabelle Wright.

This is his stop-gap – the thing he’ll do while he’s waiting to re-audition for NYADA in December.

Kurt is nervous, understandably, but after getting kicked so many times in so many ways over the years, he is about to get rewarded for holding on. Isabelle – played by an absolutely adorable and charming Sarah Jessica Parker – is a slightly kooky fairy godmother, who’s looking for some support and inspiration as much as she’s looking to give a chance to a nice boy from Lima. (She’s from Columbus. She also once got food poisoning at Breadstix, which makes it destiny.) Isabelle sees something sparkly and amazing in Kurt – like we always have – and hires him.

Holy heck, things are going right for Kurt Hummel! What could that mean? (I think you know what it means…)

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