Misfits S02E03

just wrong
hellllloooo, simon

Mmmm… What was this episode about, again?

Am I ever glad Misfits decided not to drag out the mystery of Superhoodie, because hnnngghh.  Just… I need a moment. *fans self*

O.K., so Simon is Superhoodie, like many of us thought he would be.  Alisha and he are together in the future and he’s gone back in time to save her, or all of them, or something.  Look, I’m not sure of the logistics of time travel on this show: time travel almost never makes sense in anything, and Misfits is particularly unconcerned with having its powers follow any sort of logic.  I especially care less about it this episode, because, well, you saw Simon, right?  Am I supposed to focus on anything else this episode?

Sigh.  Well, if I must.  We can talk about Nathan, Simon, and fan service.  Yeah, I was one happy little fangirl this episode.  Though honestly, all I really want from Misfits is the characters pulling ridiculous faces and giving us memorable lines, so on the strength of Nathan and Simon’s “courtship” alone this episode was spot-on.

One thing I really couldn’t get over during Nathan’s magical infatuation with Simon was how sweet Nathan was in love (in his own way; every time I talk about Nathan and character growth there should always be the unspoken “in his own way” disclaimer).  He even stepped in front of what he thought was a bullet for Simon.  It turned out it was just peanuts (and boy, do we have to get to the peanuts in a moment), but still.  I don’t know if I could ever have imagined Nathan performing a purely selfless action like that.

As for the peanuts: my love for Howard Overman keeps deepening, because seriously.  He just goes for more and more ridiculousness every week, and I love it.  We got a super dramatic score over-top a fraught confrontation where life and death really were at stake, and our protagonists’ weapon of choice: peanuts. 

sniffing simon

I should be posting pictures of other characters, but Nathan sniffing Simon is too good to resist.

I do have to be serious for a moment and talk about one of the show’s recurring themes: consent issues.  The problem I’m having this week is that while tattoo guy was clearly portrayed as bad, the show was setting up an idea of inevitable destiny with Curtis and Nikki, and Simon and Alisha.  The boys show up with their future knowledge and skulk around the girls’ homes until they give in and date them.  I’m not so crazy about that.  I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Misfits, so you’d better convince me that you’re not being creepy.  You’ve got an uphill battle, because I really don’t care about feelings on this show.

Let’s focus on something more fun: the winners and losers of this week’s episode.  Alisha’s the clear winner this week for her amusing and awkward attempt to bait a guy into attacking her so Superhoodie would show up to save her.  It went about as well as expected, but actually… No it didn’t; it went awesome because look at what she got out of it.

happy to serve

“I’m 100% committed to your ongoing rehabilitation.  It occupies my every waking minute.”

Honorable mentions must go to our bit players: Shaun (the probation worker) and Nikki (the girl from Curtis’ vision of the future and in whose bed Nathan took a dump).  Shaun wins for deadpan dedication to his young charges, quoted on the left.  Nikki wins for her sarcastic calling out of Curtis for showing up to her apartment saying he feels like he knows her: “Are you always such a weird twat?”  You’re awesome, Nikki.  I’d love to have a drink with you and Kelly.

That transitions us well into Loser of the Episode: in a shocking turn, given his winning streak in season 1, Curtis loses this one.  I’m a little concerned that Misfits is going the way of character assassination, something I won’t stand for given that character development is the only thing in which this show seems truly invested.

It’s just a bewildering transformation: season 1 Curtis always stood up for and was good to women.  Now he’s mean to Alisha for not wanting to have sex with him, and he calls Nikki a bitch because she rightly gives him crap for kind of being a creeper.  Shape up, Curtis, and do it fast.

Best episode ever?  Think someone else should have won or lost the episode?  Don’t understand what the big deal is about shirtless Simon?  Tell us in the comments.

Nathan quote of the week: It’s a tie this week; inlove!Nathan is priceless:  “Do my feelings [for Simon] offend you?  I’m sorry, ‘cause they’re true, and pure — well, they’re true!” and: “It’s just so hard, when you’re so cute, and I’m so horny, and there’s only a few thin layers of cotton separating our genitals.”