Castle, S5 Ep1 – After The Storm

The morning after

This may or may not be the scene I re-watched the most.

So, I wasn’t even truly aware of how much I was missing this show until I started watching the season premiere — and then oh, man, did I remember!  Not only were the first couple of scenes just plain delightful, but the rest of the episode lived up to them.  We got some amazing Castle/Beckett interaction, signs that Ryan and Esposito are going to heal their breach soon, and good plot development that resolves some of the overarching Johanna Beckett murder plot while still allowing for more in the future.  This is the Castle that I love.

Favorite moments:  Well, that’s a pleasantly difficult list to narrow down.  The opening ‘morning after’ scene is definitely at the top of the list, though.  I found it much sexier than Beckett practically attacking Castle in the season four finale.   I love how Castle and Beckett, both looking phenomenal and pretty much glowing with happiness, quickly reassure each other that this wasn’t a one-time thing done in the heat of the moment (heh, heat, like Nikki Heat.  See what I did there?).  Watching them navigate this new level in their relationship should be a treat.  If the writers disappoint me and throw needless wrenches into the whole thing, it will get very frustrating very quickly.  But I choose optimism at this point.  I don’t even find it hackneyed that Rick and Kate decided to hide having done the deed for now.  After all, if Rick had let his mom find out right then, we know dear Martha would in all likelihood not be able to keep it secret from anyone.

Other favorite things?  I was happy to see more of Tahmoh Penikett before he blew himself up.  The man does coldly menacing very, very well.  But, his character served his purpose, so he didn’t need to hang around any longer.  Also, I laughed when Esposito tracked down Beckett and Castle in the abandoned building just in time to hear Castle tell Beckett, “We should’ve done this four years ago.”  Hee!  I’m just going to guess right now that it’ll be Espo or Ryan that figure it out first — unless it’s Alexis.

Senator William Bracken

HRG, how could you?!

As far as the murder of Kate’s mom, the amount we figured out in this episode expertly straddled the line between not enough resolution and too much.  HRG, aka Noah Bennet aka Jack Coleman, as the corrupt Senator Bracken was excellent.  It’ll be interesting to see how long Kate’s ‘deal’ with him lasts.  Probably about until sweeps or the season finale.

And Beckett’s going to get her badge back, of course — no surprise there.  I’ve heard rumors that we’ll actually get to see some of what she and Castle do during their time away from the precinct, though, and these rumors make me very happy.  Kind of like that little moment just as the elevator doors were closing at the end of the episode…

In summary, welcome back, Castle!  Thanks, Andrew Marlowe, cast and crew for starting off the season so well.  Keep it up, please!  I look forward to what you have in store.

What did you think of the season opener?  Did it live up to your expectations?