Latest Fringe Trailer Adds In Exciting New Footage

Just to whet our appetites one last time before the final season begins, FOX has released another new trailer, a ‘remix’ of sorts. It starts out with stuff we’ve seen before, both from the earlier trailer and from last season’s excellent “Letters Of Transit”. But it blends in some new, very exciting footage:

The Bishops are srs bsns.

We see a brief image of Peter unconscious, Walter being kidnapped by Loyalists and then tortured by Observers (!), a holographic image of a device that Walter thinks should rid the world of the Observers, and then both Peter and Etta disguised as Observers as Peter grimly promises her that “[t]hey’ll pay for what they’ve done.”  The final shot is of Olivia in amber as Walter voiceovers that either she or Etta was chosen for “this” and it is her “destiny.”

I think I might just die of excitement and anticipation before the premiere actually rolls around – this Friday, 9/8 Central on FOX – except if I actually died, then I’d miss it. How excited for the new season are you?

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