The Big Bang Theory – Season 6 SPOILERS!

Hey Big Bang Theory fans!

The wait is almost over for the season six premiere! And even though Jim Parsons didn’t win his third consecutive Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series (Jon Cryer, really?), there are still plenty of things to be excited about! From Howard in space to Raj’s new bromance, here are some season six spoilers.

  • The season will start with Howard in space! The first few episodes will show how even in space, Mrs. Wolowitz can still yell at her son.
  • Penny and Leonard will still be together despite Leonard’s disastrous proposal the previous season. Their relationship will continue to blossom, but it won’t be all kittens and rainbows. There will definitely be struggles.
  • While in space, Howard’s new wife, Bernadette, will be working on finding her and Howard a new place to live that isn’t under the domain of the abrasive Mrs. Wolowitz.
  • Raj will have a new bromance! Not much has been said but with his best friend gone, Raj will connect with another guy. Howard will have to deal when he returns from his mission.
  • Sheldon and Amy are still a thing… even if we aren’t quite sure what that thing is. Sheldon took Amy’s hand in one of the most heartfelt hand-holding scenes in television history, but it’s still going to be a long process for these two.
  • Mrs. Wolowitz is still not going to appear on screen but she is going to somehow get a love interest. Ken Lerner, a Buffy alum, will be the guest star playing the romantic role.
  • No romance on the horizon for Raj as of yet. We can always cross our fingers and hope that he won’t be falling in love with another inanimate object.
  • Kevin Sussman, who plays Stuart the comic book store owner, has been promoted to a series regular. He won’t appear in every episode but he’ll be featured more than the previous seasons. Could he be Raj’s new bromance?
  • Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, was in a car accident over the summer that seriously injured her right hand and resulted in her almost losing her thumb. The first episode of the new season was filmed before the accident but the rest of the season was filmed after. Instead of writing her injury into the script, the producers chose to hide it. Look for some clever camera angles to be used. We’re just glad that Mayim is recovering well and is still able to bring Amy to life on screen.

The Big Bang Theory’s season six will premiere on Thursday, September 27th! Here is the official promo: