ABC & Marvel Announce New ‘Castle’ Comic Book Series

Last year, ABC and Marvel Entertainment released a tie-in graphic novel A Deadly Storm, featuring CIA investigator Derrick Storm, the protagonist of Richard Castle’s fictional first hit series of novels. This year, ABC and Marvel are not only releasing a second installment of the graphic novel (Storm Season, available October 15), but they are also releasing a five-issue comic book limited series featuring Derrick Storm, entitled A Calm Before A Storm. Here’s the synopsis:

Derrick Storm is looking forward to finally getting out of the game — stocking up his cabin cruiser and heading out into the open Atlantic for good. But his plans are put on hold when, on the eve of a UN summit, the severed head of a Russian diplomat is found bobbing in the backwaters of the Hudson. Storm’s CIA handler Clara Strike enlists him to crack a plot of global proportions, pitting the uncanny PI against a legion of eastern bloc mercenaries, and an ex-KGB hit-man known simply as “The Fear.”

The first issue of this intriguing-sounding series will be released in comic stories, on the Marvel Comics app, and on the Marvel Web store December 5, and subsequent issues will come out monthly until April 2013.

For a sneak peek of Storm Season, check out Marvel’s website. For more details on the upcoming comic book series, including the authors and illustrators, go here. And don’t forget to buy Castle: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD, and tune in for season 5 starting Monday, September 24, at 10/9C on ABC.