Glee – S4, Ep2 “Britney 2.0”

Can New Directions help Brittany get back on track?


Brittany goes into a Britney Spears style meltdown

Brittany falls into the other side of Pop Princess behavior – the dangerous downward spiral.

Glee works best when it rides the fine line between comedy and drama, finding the humor and poignancy of life in small moments – generally accompanied by a snappy version of a Top 4o Hit. To that end, “Britney 2.0” uses the downward spiral of a pop princess and her music to talk about implosions and resurrections. The episode ties New York and Lima together in spirit, which I am finding alleviates my previous fears of split screen, artificial parallels, and too much Skype.

At good old McKinley High, special snowflake (and repeating senior) Brittany S. Pierce is riding high. Mostly. She is head Cheerio, Vice Rachel of Glee, and still Senior Class President, with a master plan to keep the position for life – if Santana was here, things would be perfect. Brittany narrates this out loud – much to Blaine’s confusion, poor thing – because she thought she was doing a voice over.

Brittany is a reverse Truman Show; she’s the only one who knows this is all just a crazy movie.

But for now, it’s Britney, bitch and a sexy Cheerios number to “Hold It Against Me” with Britt on lead. Heather Morris is a marvelous dancer and she gets it done, accompanied by a rather large Cheerio squad (complete with boys and props). Snaking around her side in hip shaking competition (spoiler alert: it’s really not much of a competition) is Kitty, who is a) apparently still around and b) apparently still evil. I apparently still don’t care.

At the end of the number, Sue yells an insult (predictably) and demands to see Brittany in her office. Uh oh.

Now that Sue has given birth, she’s regained her faculties and realized Brittany’s 0.0 GPA should not only have kept her back a year, but should also remove her from the Cheerios. Which is clearly worse. Brittany is super sad and utters a marvelous line, “Tough love feels a lot like mean.”

Her refuge is her bedroom, where she talks to Santana via Skype. Her best girl feels truly bad for her and sorry but you know, she has to dash because of U of K cheerleading practice and sorry but bye. It’s not in any way dismissive but depressing nonetheless because now Brittany is staring at a blank screen and being very much alone. Lord Tubbington isn’t going to be of any help – he’s apparently joined a gang. (Britney’s downward spiral had nothing on Lord T.)

Back at school, Will and Emma attempt to help a despondent and compass-less Brittany, who has taken to wearing clothes from lost and found (orange Crocs – thank God Kurt can’t see this). She doesn’t respond to any of their suggestions – or the pamphlet “So You Look Like Crap”  – but she has Lord Tubbington’s pills for feeling depression, and a clear plan for hiding in her room.

Will get’s an idea to draw Brittany back into the land of the living – Britney 2.0.

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