Misfits S02E02

Howard Overman’s masterful at making an episode of Misfits both hilarious and sweet.  When Jamie, Nathan’s younger half-brother, came on the scene I settled in for an episode of wacky hijinks, and there were some of those (stealing back the car that carried their father tied up in the trunk was highlight).  What we really got, however, was a surprisingly stirring story about a family.  Nathan’s the perfect guy to discover that he suddenly has a brother; most people wouldn’t take the revelation well, especially when it’s through a father with whom he has a fraught relationship.

But Nathan, for all his constant wisecracking, doesn’t really judge people.  That’s why he so readily accepts Jamie.  In fact, Jamie’s just someone else who’s been screwed over by their father, so Nathan finds they have rather a lot in common.  As Nathan says, “Yeah, O.K.: I’ve always wanted a brother.”

I would have loved to see Jamie stay and continue to bro around with Nathan. They were adorable together, so flippant on the outside but so lonely on the inside.  But Jamie had to go for the sake of the series.  Misfits has enough to do with its central characters; anyone who comes on as a guest is just there as a facet of developing our main cast.

Jamie was really just a less-funny version of Nathan; there would have been no regular space for him.  It’s sad, but I’m comforted by the fact that Nathan and Simon’s friendship seems to be blossoming; it looks like we’ll be getting their bromantic adventures in no time.  I cannot handle the little glee faces Simon keeps making at having a friend and Nathan’s clearly enjoying the attention (he is the typical class clown).

Superhoodie makes another appearance this episode.  At first it would seem like he’s Curtis: the specific knowledge of where the misfits are going to be at any particular moment, especially when they’re in danger, could only come from someone who’s lived through it all already.  Except Superhoodie just doesn’t look tall enough to be Curtis.

I’m not dying with curiosity to find out who he is.  The show will tell us in due time, and I’ve always been more than content to go along for the ride.  I’m more looking forward to seeing what on earth has Curtis leaning over the edge of a roof in a super-suit, looking poised for action.

It’s not the mystery of Super!Curtis that has me going as much as the anticipation of trying to see any of the misfits seriously be superheroes.  Curtis and Simon could actually pull it off, but now I’ve gotten myself longing to see Nathan or Kelly running around in spandex.  Now that would be fabulous.  Make it happen, Misfits.

Nathan quote of the week: “I haven’t got a brother.  I’m a classic example of an only child.”