Copper, S1 Ep5 – La Tempête

Sweet Mother of Peter Parker!  Did you see that character development?  DID YOU SEE IT?  I just… I don’t even know what to think.  I’m angry and happy and sad and disturbed.  So much changed, and not all of it good.  Commencing Copper character breakdown:

Francis and MaryFrancis: You sicken me.  Honestly, I thought better of you.  You were a man completely loyal to love, hopelessly devoted to the overly scandalous Molly.  She dies, and you run to the first woman that gives you a suggestive glance.  To add insult to injury, you go for the woman who just so happens to be hiding particularly vital information pertaining to Corky’s lost love, Ellen.  AND THEN you get into an argument with Corky and say some pretty nasty things.  Francis Maguire, you are his best friend.  Why would you do that?  He was only trying to help.  Andrew is now beating you in the companionship race.  Speaking of Andrew…

Corky and AndrewAndrew: You, sir, are awesome.  I was waiting to get a better feel for your character and now I know you are beyond cool.  You’re like those St. Bernards that do mountain rescues: extremely dependable and fun to hug.  Really, I would like to hug you.

Sara and MatthewSara:  You are much stronger than I thought.  Up until this point, I saw you as an extremely defensive individual who would be happy to only associate with her husband for the rest of her life.  Now, I get it completely.  You’re not guarded because you’re scared.  You’re guarded because you’re smart.  There’s a whole lot of evil in the world, and you saw right through Marcus’ act from the second he walked in the door.  Also, talk about your social commentary!  Sara drops this doozy of a line towards the beginning of the episode: “Just because we have lived through violence, does that mean we should learn the best way to be violent?”  Slow down, Gandhi!  I can’t take all of this surprise wisdom at once!  Give me a chance to get used to the new Sara.  I promise, I’m going to like her.

Marcus:  Run away, Marcus.  Run.  Run away and never return.

Annie and RobertAnnie:  You know how you’re making every living soul in the world of Copper uncomfortable?  You’re making me uncomfortable, too.  Basically, you speak and I squirm.  I get it.  You’ve led a hard life.  It’s been a tough existence and you’ve seen things no child should see, but you’re being given a chance at a new life.  Don’t waste it by sassing everyone you meet and trying to get grown men to sleep with you.  That’s supposed to be in the past now.  At least try to move on, for my sake.  DO YOU HEAR THAT, WRITERS?  Annie has officially creeped me out and she makes me nervous whenever she’s in a scene.  Let’s have some pleasant changes in personality for her, shall we?  Please?  I’m begging you!  Seriously, I will give you money to turn her into a happy child.

“La Tempête” was solid.  Was it my favorite story-wise?  I’m not sure.  It’ll take some time to get used to Corky not obsessively searching for a locket.  Come back to me after next episode and see how I feel then.  In the meantime, I’m going to send my check to BBC America with expedited delivery pleading for Annie to re-invent herself.  Come on, girl!  We’re all here to support you (mostly because we’re afraid you’ll hurt us if we leave)!