Glee, S4 Ep1 – The New Rachel

Glee returns for a fourth season.

Speaking of Kurt, he’s stuck in Lima after not being accepted at NYADA and back to being Slightly Lost. He’s got a crappy job at the Lima Bean, alternative plans for his education (community college – nothing shameful about that but clearly not something he’s looking forward to) and an obsession with restocking New Directions as a clear way to distract himself. He meets Sue’s new baby, Robin, and then endures some humiliation from the Cheerios coach and Kitty – kicking him a bit farther down.

Fortunately for Kurt, he has the greatest one-two punch support system in Lima and possibly the world. Super boyfriend Blaine sees Kurt’s sadness and advises him to go to New York, not to wait to reapply to NYADA in December. He doesn’t belong to Lima anymore and it’s time…which works out perfectly as an intro to “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, yet another courtyard serenade from Blaine to his boyfriend. Blaine has recruited a host of fun back-ups including Cheerios with cups and steppers and proves once again that no one sends their love in a song better than Blaine Anderson. While skipping rope.

On the season opener of Glee, Blaine and Kurt deal with changes and worries together.

Kurt and Blaine, bringing the heart eyes and fashion fabulousness to Season 4.

As Chris Colfer and Darren Criss have perfected heart eyes to be seen from space and the passionate embrace, their final moment of the ep is bittersweet and emotionally satisfying as always. Whatever happens with these two crazy kids, there is no denying their first love has been epic.

Now Kurt is on his way to the airport, for the all-important send off from important person number one – Father of the Decade Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley is perfect, case closed) who lovingly kicks Kurt the rest of the way out of the nest. He gives us the heartbreaking reality of parenthood – you know you’ve done a good job when your kid can confidently stand on their own and that’s when you have to let go of their hand. It’s the proudest/hardest moment of your life and it’s articulated here with a thousand megawatts of love. Gorgeous.

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