Copper, S1 Ep4 – The Empty Locket

Much occurred during this episode, but two happenings are far more important than the others.  They even trump the long-awaited fulfillment of our desire for Corky to finally receive Ellen’s treasured locket from Molly (which I have to admit was a bit anti-climactic, but I guess you can’t make things too spectacular in Five Points).  I did, however, believe that Corky was going to punch Molly in the face from the sheer shock of the locket’s unexpected appearance.  And, of course, Molly’s natural response to the tension in the room is to expose her breasts to the Irishman.  Can’t say I’m surprised.  It fits in perfectly with her track record.  Oh, Molly.

Right ReverendThe first bolt from the blue came in the form of Mary Lockwood.  Mary — the sister of the deceased abortion doctor — is a seemingly normal woman with nothing to hide.  Still, she is so much more than she appears to be.  Corky spends almost the entire episode searching for the “phantom ledger.”  The eager hunt drives him down the road of obsession, though I already thought him mad as he was beating the Right Reverend within an inch of his life.  It takes some serious convincing, but Mary eventually leads Corky to believe she possesses absolutely no information pertaining to the whereabouts of her sister’s mysterious ledger.  In reality, she’s using it to blackmail the men listed in the book.  Mary Lockwood is quite the business woman.  I am by no means condoning her actions, but you have to respect Mary for her smarts.  The writers for Copper incorporate new characters into the drama quite smoothly and Mary Lockwood is no exception.  Even seemingly minor characters manage to become vastly important.  She holds the key to powerful information that could change Corky’s life.  How did she become so crucial so quickly?  Copper wastes no time when it comes to extending this maze of a story.  It becomes increasingly more complicated and clever with every installment.

Molly's DeathAnd then came a twist, both expected and unexpected.  Annie lets slip that Corky and Molly made sweet, sweet love.  Result?  Eva murders Molly using methods often utilized by the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Quite casually, Eva offers to brush Molly’s hair.  All of my various alarms were going off: Mistake, mistake, this is a mistake.  Molly, for real?  You’re falling for this?  There’s a reason why she suddenly wants to brush your hair!  Don’t sit on the bed.  And you’re sitting on the bed.  Why are you still on the bed?  Oh, no… there’s the razor.  MORE PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO ME!

Francis and MollyFrancis’ reaction to the news broke my heart into tiny pieces.  We all knew Molly wasn’t seriously in love with the poor sap.  She said yes to his proposal of marriage on a silly whim.  Is he better off without her in the long run?  Of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that a life with Molly gave Francis hope for a shot at normalcy in his life.  Francis was after his own version of the American dream, and that meant a life as a farmer with Molly by his side.  Now, he can never have that.  I fear what he will become in the episodes to follow.  Will he be gripped by anger or depression?  We’ll see soon enough.  One thing is for sure: “The Empty Locket” dished out extra helpings of shock and despair with a side of awesome plot development.