NBC Deploys Troy: Donald Glover Developing Sitcom

Donald Glover as Troy BarnesTV Guide has reported that Donald Glover — or Troy Barnes, as he’s known to Community fans — is working to develop a sitcom with NBC. With co-executive producer of 30 Rock, Matt Hubbard, attached, the new sitcom would feature Glover in the starring role and would be loosely based on his life. NBC is said to be very close to ordering a pilot.

For Community fans, this may not be great news. Glover is committed to Community‘s upcoming 13-episode fourth season, and the sitcom being developed is said to have “second priority” — but with NBC’s recently announced move towards “broader comedies” and Community‘s shortened season moving to the Friday night “death slot”, a new series in the works for a lead actor may be one more sign of the apocalypse for Greendale.


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