Misfits S02E01

I like to call this episode “Creeper Simon Gets His Comeuppance.”  I’ve struggled a lot with Simon’s simultaneous cute and creeper nature, but luckily the show seems to be done with that storyline.  It shut the door on it in the most effective, and of course, funny, way possible.

Simon gets a stalker: a girl named Lucy he knew from a mental health unit (where he was sent for evaluation after his arrest).  Though the show doesn’t really get into it, I like to think that Simon’s interactions with Lucy showed him just how creepy he was being.  Part of me wants to see actual remorse from Simon about his actions, like we did, even if briefly, from Alisha, but I don’t really expect it.  I’m happy to shut the book on Creeper!Simon, so I can go back to calling him a Duckling.

In other developments, Probation Worker really is the Red Shirt of the Misfits world.  I must thank the TV gods (in this case, Howard Overman) for the fabulous scene of the misfits once again ganging up to kill their new probation worker.  From Nathan getting in his face, to him then stepping back and letting Kelly commit the real violence, to their hilarious obvious!guilt faces after Curtis has rewound time and warned them: it was all perfect.

We also have to talk about said probation worker, Shaun.  Shaun is my new favorite.  He is the ideal supervisor for this bunch.  Sally worked as the primary villain, more or less, of last season: if you looked at everyone’s story on paper you’d be far more likely to side with Sally, but Misfits made us root for the kids on probation instead.

This time they’ve met their match: someone just as apathetic as they are, just (presumably) smart enough not to do anything that would get him arrested.  I watch Misfits for the funny and Shaun brings that in his relationship to his delinquent charges, so I’m glad he’s not permanently dead.

This episode also gave us our first hints at the overarching plot we’ll have this season, insofar as Misfits ever has an overarching plot.  The guy who rescued Nathan in the last episode is back.  He’s got a room that looks like it’s straight out of a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, filled with pictures of the misfits and multiple counting down clocks.  He saved Curtis when Lucy nearly killed him, so he seems on their side for now.

Who could he be?  Curtis from the future?  Simon somehow living out his superhero fantasies?  Someone else entirely?  More to the point: who else but one of the misfits would care so much about what they’re up to?  More power shenanigans are clearly afoot, and I’m happy to sit back and enjoy them.

Nathan quote of the week: “Can we please stop killing our probation workers?”