WB strong arm Guillermo del Toro into post-converting Pacific Rim

After expressing reluctance in his panel at Comic Con, Guillermo del Toro has finally conceded defeat and will convert his Pacific Rim to 3D for release in theatres. Warner Bros. has been pushing hard for the move, and Variety announced today that the process has begun. The one good thing that can be said is that with the studio sticking firm to the July 12, 2013 release date, there is at least enough time that they should be able to do a proper job of the process.

And in today’s Hollywood atmosphere it’s hardly surprising that Pacific Rim is being converted. It’s a big blockbuster film about Giant Robots and Aliens fighting in an epic planet-wide battle that threatens all of humanity. Of course they’re going to try and cash in on the extra profits 3D can bring in.

For those of us who refuse to see any film in 3D that wasn’t filmed specifically for the format, we can at least rest assured that there will also be a 2D theatrical release. So we still have a chance to see the Director’s original vision, as it was meant to be.