Glee Giveaway – 2 Comic Con Exclusive Posters & a Yo-yo! – COMPLETE

Glee returns to our screens in just two days (!), so here’s a first of a few giveaways we’ll be running for the show. All pieces were collected at this years San Diego Comic Con. The giveaway includes the following

  • S3 DVD/Blu-Ray Promotional Poster featuring 6 of the graduating seniors (apparently Puck and Mike got shafted)
  • S4 Promotional Glee Superhero Poster
  • Glee branded Yo-yo.

Here’s how to enter:

First: You MUST like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or on Tumblr.

Second: To officially enter the giveaway you can do as many of the following as you like — Retweet our Tweet about the contest, Reblog the Tumblr post (You can do this once a day through the end of the competition), Like the post on Facebook, leave us a comment on this post, or email us at (make sure you indicate it’s for the Glee giveaway) to officially enter the giveaway.  You have until Thursday, 20th September at 8pm PDT to enter when we’ll randomly select a winner.*  Open to participants worldwide.

* Sorry guys, but anyone who works for the site, and their immediate family, are not eligible

**Fyi, your information will only ever be used to contact you if you win. I promise we don’t sell it, and won’t spam you.


ETA: Winner will be notified privately. Thanks to everyone who entered!