NBC’s ‘Community’ Season 4 Premiere Goes Capitol

Community’s fourth season premiere — its first episode since the departure of creator and former show-runner Dan Harmon — is bringing The Hunger Games to Greendale.

Jeff Winger competes in "The Hunger Deans" on NBC's Community.

The banner may be obscured, but six Greendale chicken fingers says it reads “The Hunger Deans”.

Pictures released in this week’s Entertainment Weekly show a tattered Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) balancing on a beam while Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) watches on in full girl-on-fire regalia.

Joel McHale and Jim Rash on the set onf NBC's "Community".

As usual with Community, your guess is as good as mine.

Another picture shows McHale and Rash embracing, flanked by two topless men dressed as unicorns. Capitol costumes, perhaps? Or just an average dean in the life?

While it remains to be seen how Community will hold up under new management, it seems the show certainly won’t be getting any less weird. The season premiere will see students competing in a battle royale for a coveted spot in Greendale’s “History of Ice Cream” class.

Joking to Entertainment Weekly, star Joel McHale says of the premiere, “[Fans] are going to be like, ‘what is this? An episode of The Middle?’”

Are you excited to see the Greendale Seven do Panem? Tell us in the comments below!

Community returns to NBC in a new timeslot on Friday, October 19th, 8:30 PM EST.


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