Doctor Who, S7 Ep2 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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As the Williams boys are trying to avert missile to ship death, The Doctor teleports himself on Solomon’s ship, which had been magnetically locked from taking off. He disables the robots who sing “Daisy Bell” as they shut down and rescues Nefertiti from Solomon. Or rather, she rescues herself using The Doctor’s timely appearance. Before they leave, The Doctor asks Solomon if the Silurians begged him to stop. With no reply he darkly tells Solomon to enjoy his bounty and releases his ship with the missile homing beacon on board. Cue explosions.

Crisis adverted, let’s go home! But before that Daddy Williams would like to enjoy his lunch and a cuppa while watching Earth from the open bay doors of the TARDIS. Queen Nefertiti decides to join John Riddell on his hunts and Amy and Rory decide to head back home rather than on to a new adventure. The episode ends with post cards from Brian Williams who has now taken to travelling across Earth and that the dinosaurs now reside on the planet Siluria.

The Doctor's Siluria Post Card

Wish you were here!

So. Was this episode good? Well it wasn’t bad. And, while this episode was fun to watch I have some reservations. This episode felt extremely shallow because the plot was rather one dimensional relying heavily on how cool dinosaurs on a spaceship would be. That buys you maybe five minutes of awesome, not a whole episode. It very much felt like they were shooting ideas at the wall and whatever stuck they wrote a story around. We had dinosaurs, spaceships, an Egyptian queen, a big game hunter, robots and a space pirate; basically a child’s toy box come to life.

A few other things I had a problem with outside of the lack-there-of plot, was when The Doctor pretty much tells Amy that she’s different from other companions, she has a life outside of The Doctor, that he doesn’t give context to her life. Okay, anybody else remember a person named River Song? The Doctor is pretty much the reason of the Ponds! Had he not crash landed outside of her home, took her and her husband throughout all of space and time, there wouldn’t be River, his wife. She wouldn’t have appeared in the library of season 4, and there would be no reason for season 6 altogether.

Also, out of all the companions that ever were or ever could be, we get historically famous Queen Nefertiti, the most stoic woman in all the ever that is completely unfazed by time travel, dinosaurs, robots and space ships. We also get gun enthusiast and flask toting womanizer John Riddell? I don’t — what? I’m sure that there are more qualified companions, I’m looking at you Ace and Leela.

My biggest problem is fixed points in time versus everything being wibbly-wobbly and in flux because seriously, I would have just got into the TARDIS and warned the Silurians of the space pirate. Yes, I know that the TARDIS takes him where he needs to be, but I would totally be creating closed time-like curves and aborted timelines all over the place. My own timeline would probably become a grandfather paradox in the form of a beautiful fractal design. Dang Timelord rules making simple problem solving more dramatic then they need to be.

But, I need to remind myself that this is a family show and that it needs to not only appeal to all ages but must also be approved for all ages. As a dark, gritty, sexy American prime time viewer I tend to forget that.  This episode is best enjoyed by not thinking too much on things and not taking things too seriously. It may recycle Chris Chibnall’s “greatest hits” into a fun ride of awesome ideas but it does take things up a notch and I am excited to see where this mixtape goes next.


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