Doctor Who, S7 Ep2 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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After some sonic screwdriving The Doctor finds a control panel and inadvertently voice commands he, Rory and Brian to be teleported to a beach. Well it’s not really a beach, it only looks like a beach because it’s really the engine room that uses a form of wave based hydro-generation to power the engines. Also, pterodactyls!

Amy's team

During this time, Amy, Queen Nefertiti and Riddell find their way to the control room and discover that this ship is a Silurian ark filled with ancient flora as well as the giant reptilian fauna. For those playing at home the Silurians were a race of dinosaur people who populated the Earth before the rise of the ape people, Man.  They were afraid of a supposedly oncoming and unavoidable apocalypse, the Moon hitting the Earth, who went into hibernation deep underneath the Earth. It would seem that some Silurians took to the stars in hope of finding a new planet and this is their ship.

Oh, and did I mention the sexual tension between Queen Nefertiti and John Riddell?

While hiding in a cave on the engineer room/beach from the pterodactyls The Doctor and his gang are escorted by two large yellow robots, who behave more like children than anything, to a man named Solomon. On the way we are treated to some testicle humor as a triceratops sniffs Brian’s pants for vegetable matter, or in this case, golf balls stained with grass. A game of fetch and they are on their way.

Brian Williams' golf balls


Solomon is an old man that injured his legs in a velociraptor attack and requires more medical assistance than the robots or ship can manage. The Doctor agrees to help as long he explains how he got the dinosaurs. Solomon doesn’t like to be asked questions so he orders one of the robots to injure Rory’s dad and proceeds to explain that if The Doctor refuses aid then his companions will die.

During what I assume is a five hour long operation, Amy phones The Doctor with her findings. This prompts The Doctor to ask what happened to all the Silurians. Turns out, Solomon is a pirate who came across the ship, realized that the dinosaurs would fetch him a high price and decided the lives of the Silurians on board were worth the trade. After committing genocide he discovered he couldn’t hack the Silurian’s systems to reroute their destination and little does he know that if attacked the ship returns to its point of origin, Earth. And also, missiles in half an hour!

The Doctor, Rory and Brian ride off on a Triceratops to try and regroup with Amy and her gang to prevent the missiles from blowing up innocent dinosaur life. There is a kiss between The Doctor and Rory on part of Rory’s brilliant suggestion to activate the ships defense system but it would seem that ancient spacefaring life forms have no defensive systems. Why? Oh, because they were just so filled with hope and innocence and naivety that no one would ever attack a ship of dinosaurs and dinosaur people.

Solomon and his newly repaired legs get the drop on The Doctor and threaten that he hands over Queen Nefertiti, who is apparently worth more than all the dinosaurs on the ship, or everyone dies. The Doctor says no and the robots start killing dinosaurs to prove Solomon’s point. Queen Nefertiti in an effort to even the debt owed to The Doctor gives herself to Solomon.

Space Pirate Solomon

As the missiles close in The Doctor has a plan and takes everyone to the control room. In order to pilot the ship you need two people from the same gene pool, luckily Brain and Rory are father and son so they get the piloting gig while Amy and Riddell protect the room from raptors using stun guns. Amy and Riddell are using the stun guns, not the raptors with stun guns. That would have been excellent.

During this bit Amy and The Doctor have a heart to heart to heart as Amy explains that she can’t keep a job down because she’s always waiting for The Doctor. Now she’s worried that she’ll always be the “Girl Who Waited” because The Doctor has new companions and his time between visits keep getting longer. This last time it’s been ten months. So that puts us at July 2013? But what she’s really worried about is that something will happen to The Doctor. There’s some ominous foreshadowing about being the end of each other and The Doctor tells her not to worry because she’s a Pond and she’s got Rory.

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