Neil Gaiman Writing Another Episode for Doctor Who

Neil GaimanAttention Whovians and Gaiman fans! During Neil Gaiman’s acceptance speech at the Hugo Awards, where he won for his Doctor Who script “The Doctor’s Wife,” he mentioned that he was working on another episode for Doctor Who. When explaining his thoughts on trying to pen another episode for the series after having written one so well-received, his exact words were:

“Only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again… so I’m on the third draft.”

That little quip had some people wondering if he was just making a joke or actually telling the truth, but io9 managed to get a bit more information out of him after the ceremony. Gaiman’s next episode is currently scheduled for the second half of season seven, but it might get pushed back just as “The Doctor’s Wife” was moved from season five to season six due to budget reasons. Gaiman’s already a bit busy with a bunch of new books and the HBO series of American Gods coming out, but I’m glad he can find some time to squeeze in another Who installment. Are you excited about his return to the Whoniverse? Let us know in the comments below!