A Pond Life In Review

Beast from Marvel Comic’s The X-Men is fond of saying , “Oh my stars and garters.” Why he says such a thing, I am at a loss. But when Pond Life started that was exactly what I found myself saying. Thank you nerd brain, you’ve gotten me this far. And I just looked up the phrase and yep, totally appropriate. Totally. Look it up.

Anyways, yes, Pond Life. Pond Life was “broadcast” in five parts on the BBC’s Doctor Who homepage and on their YouTube page via the internet. If you’ve not seen them stop reading right this instant and go. Go and come back.

In the popular vernacular of internet memes I was all like, “ERMAHGERD! Hashtag Excited!”  Fantastic wasn’t it? Ah, so fantastic. Let’s review!

Heads up, each episode is actually tagged with a month to give a general idea to timeline. We start in April and work our way chronologically from there.

April: The Doctor leaves voice mail? The Pond’s have a land line? The Doctor utilizes both to check in with the Pond’s after escaping some Sontaran’s by way of some kind of fire/lava surfing. He’s got more lives than a cat, why not? Also meets up with Mata Hari and lays some backing vocals to a hip-hop song. Not simultaneously of course. That would have been ridiculous.

May: Probably my favorite. We find The Doctor materializing outside of the Pond’s bedroom door in the middle of the night rambling on about the future being in danger. I just love the unconvincing way he tries to convince the Pond’s that everything is alright once he realizes he’s arrived at the wrong time.

Pond's and an Ood

June: Ah, who doesn’t love some good potty humor? An Ood on the loo. I may find myself saying this when a restroom is occupied from now on.

July: The benefits of the Ood almost always out weight the bad. Almost. While The Doctor is away and trying to fix whatever problems the TARDIS is having this month the Pond’s guiltily reap the benefits of living with an alien conditioned to serve.

August: Another voice mail from The Doctor it would seem. The Ood has been returned to its hive mind, The Doctor rode a horse through 11th century Coventry and we have him to thank for the invention of pasta. It would also seem that he’s fixed most of the problems the TARDIS was experiencing and is ready to start his adventures with the Ponds again. Little does he know, the Ponds are fighting and Rory has walked out.

Message deleted.The Doctor and a phone

That last part was a surprise wasn’t it? We were all laughing and stuff and then the stuff got serious and we stopped laughing. You might have even found yourself saying, “Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast!” Which for me, I love things like that, i.e. see my love for Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, two acts funny, third act deathly serious.

So now we have to sit here and live with the heaviness of August until tomorrow, September 1st when Doctor Who Season 7 starts so we can find out what’s happened to the Pond Life.


Asylum of the Daleks

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