Copper, S1 Ep2 – Husbands and Fathers

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Kevin Corcoran, what are you doing with your life?  Honestly, you’re turning me into a nervous person.  You willingly throw yourself into these situations that make me worry about your well-being.  I am legitimately scared for this fictional character.  Those nerves aren’t even taking into account the precarious circumstances Annie Reilly gets herself into-good grief.  My heart can’t take it.

Really!  What they did with this episode was extremely clever and I didn’t see it coming until it smacked me right in the kisser.  And this doesn’t even consider the fact that Annie has a grown man for a husband (gross).  Essentially, two events stole the show for me because they combined to create a plot twist of epic proportions.  I will list them in the order they happened.

Molly StuartEvent #1: Molly Stuart is a mega hussy.  If you had talked to me last episode, I would have told you that her character was seemingly inconsequential, besides possible tampering with various romantic love triangles.  She’s going to break poor Francis Maguire’s heart eventually.  In “Husbands and Fathers,” Corcoran is attacked by a bunch of bums working for Haverford.  Freeman to the rescue!  He fixes him up, but he’s still bedridden for a while.  Molly comes a-callin’ to tempt the poor guy.  Eva, who’s sweet on Corcoran, is out of town.  The backstabbing was completely expected.  She knows Francis is in love with her and chooses not to care.  She also cuddles up with her friend’s man, so I get it.  Molly Stuart is not a trustworthy female when it comes to the love department.  Saw it coming from a mile away.  Here’s the kicker, though:

Molly brings young Annie to Contessa Popadou and receives a generous payment for doing so.  I repeat:  MOLLY BRINGS ANNIE TO THE WHOREHOUSE FOR COLD, HARD CASH!  It was a betrayal most foul.  Brutal rage coursed through my veins.  It was a perfect transition, and they constructed it so it would truly sting.  “You got with our main man, Corky… but that just wasn’t enough for you, was it?  You’ve hurt me deeply.  I moderately trusted you!”  That’s what my brain was saying, shaking its mental fists despairingly towards the heavens.  Then, another slap to the face and this one sent me for a spin.

Molly and AnnieEvent #2: Molly Stuart isn’t really a mega hussy.  It was all part of the plan, and an impressive plan at that.  You all know how it went down.  Haverford, of course, came for Annie at the whorehouse.  Little did he know that Corcoran was creeping in the window, ready to pounce like a freakin’ jaguar.  He pins him down and Annie stabs Haverford violently while Corcoran proceeds to take care of the contessa immediately after.  Molly quickly redeemed herself in that instant.  Plus, she took Popadou’s money for the child before any of this went down.  She took money from a terrible person who was later a victim of good, old-fashioned vigilante justice.  The woman was an absolutely crucial part of the plan’s success.  Molly has to get some major points for that.

Verdict: Molly Stuart is a boss.  Two vile people are gone.  Annie’s creepy man-husband was forced to skip town by our beloved Andrew and Francis, and Elizabeth Haverford adopts the orphaned girl to raise her properly.  Though the episode ends on a surprisingly solemn note, I’m feeling good.  Things are looking up.  To be honest, I didn’t have much hope for happy endings by the end of “Surviving Death.”  By the end of this episode (though it was delivered in a particularly gruesome fashion), I realized that maybe Copper would be able to serve up some justice, instead of the bad guys constantly prevailing.  I was unhappy with the news painting Haverford as some sort of fallen martyr, but I found comfort in the truth of more villains off the streets of Five Points.

CorkyWhat I gained from this episode was a lot of character development that I didn’t expect.  Corcoran is a man just like any other, easily susceptible to the wiles of a willing woman.  Molly is much more honorable than she seems, though some of her actions may be frowned upon.  Annie is courageous beyond belief and a violent murderer avenging her sister’s death and defending her own human dignity.  I just know that so far, this has been quite the ride and it’s only the second episode.  Now that I’ve witnessed so much growth from a portion of the cast, I can’t wait to see more.  I hope my nerves can handle the twists and turns to come, for I’m sure there are plenty more in store for Copper.