Two new Doctor Who Vids – The 1st Ep of ‘Pond Life’ and a new Insider for Series 7


Two new videos from the world of Doctor Who to share today.

First up is the first episode of the mini-series announced last week, Pond Life. In it The Doctor leaves Amy and Rory a message about some of the strange adventures he’s taken without them.

Personally, my favorite is that he’s apparently a Rapper now. Also, is it me or is Matt Smith speaking with a slightly older voice for The Doctor here?

Next up is a new BBC America Insider for Series 7 where the cast mostly repeats a lot of the same things they’ve been saying for weeks now.

Can you believe there’s really only 5 days to go? Are you as excited as we are?

Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, 1st September.

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