Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran Reunite for Graphic Novel

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Neil GaimanArtist Colleen Doran is adapting one of Neil Gaiman’s short stories into a graphic novel for Dark Horse Comics. Doran previously worked with Gaiman on his groundbreaking series The Sandman. The artist mentioned the project in a blog post earlier this week discussing her drawing technique:

My pencil technique is exactly the opposite of what they teach now in art school. I do not use the side of the pencil, or graphite. I use the sharp tip of the pencil, and build up everything from hundreds of strokes. This is the way old masters drew back in the day with silverpoint. It’s a look I love, but almost no one does it because it is so laborious. The popular prejudice is for the 1950-ish commercial art drawing style. I like that, but it’s not what I want to do myself.

I am using this technique on the new Neil Gaiman graphic novel I am doing for Dark Horse. You can imagine how happy I am to be doing this project! The drawings will then be colored with thin washes of watercolor, digitally, or both.

Looks like a busy time for Gaiman, with this graphic novel on top of his new miniseries of Sandman, an HBO series of American Gods, a new adult novel, and a deal for five new children’s books with HarperCollins. Looking forward to this sudden abundance of new Gaiman works? Let us know in the comments!