New Promo For Fringe’s Final Season

Etta and The Observers

Note the lovely wedding ring on Peter’s hand.
(Also, I am indebted to the Fringe Division Tumblr for the excellent screencaps.)

FOX has released the first promo for Fringe‘s final season that features actual footage – and it’s a doozy! No spoilers if you’re caught up with the show thus far.

It’s only 30 seconds, but in that short of a time we get glimpses of the dystopian future we saw in last season’s “Letters Of Transit”: Nazi-esque Loyalist soldiers, Observers aplenty, an intense looking Peter holding two guns as grown-up Etta stands next to him, abandoned city streets, and barbed wire fences.

Then it resolves into a lovely looking pastoral scene with Peter and Olivia lying in the grass and watching an adorable blonde-haired girl picking dandelions. It’s Etta, of course. Quickly, it gets tense and Peter and Olivia stand to shout for their daughter.

Man, this is going to be awesome.

That’s when we see the Observers cresting the hill behind little Etta. Freaking fantastic. I don’t generally watch promos for new episodes, so spoiler-sensitive am I, but since this is a general season five promo, I went for it – and I am so glad I did. Amazing. I’m going to be watching it over and over. Season five of Fringe premieres the 28th of September at 9/8 central on FOX, and I for one cannot wait!

Feel free to watch as many times as you like, and then you’re welcome to speculate in the comments below about what we’re going to get to see! And don’t forget to pick up Season 4 when it’s released on September 4th.

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