New Details Emerge About Doctor Who’s 7th Series


Last night at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London, fans got their first glimpse of the series opener of Doctor Whos’ 7th Series, Asylum of the Daleks. By all accounts it was another spectacular series opener, with many memorable one liners from the script, penned by Show Runner and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat.

For those of us unable to make the trek to London for the screening, BBC America had some photos to share in order to whet our appetites for the new series, plus the final titles for the first five episodes which will see the end of ‘The Ponds’ journey with The Doctor.

A Whole Lot Of Daleks

  • A Whole Lot of Daleks

    That really is a lot of Daleks

    Episode 1 — Asylum of the Daleks (by Steve Moffat) – The premiere sees the trio of The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams enter the ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ which Moffat says holds every Dalek that was ever created. That’s a lot of Daleks. For those who worry that it’s the Daleks, again, reports from last nights screening state that Moffat has managed to bring the Daleks back from the edge of ridiculous and cartoony, a place they’ve found themselves after being overused and easily overcome by the Ninth, Tenth, and even this Eleventh Doctor since the shows return to airwaves in 2005. Viewers say that Moffat has managed to make the Daleks scary again. Something this writer doesn’t find all that surprising as I flash back to the Dalek Encounter section of the Doctor Who exhibit at Earl’s Court which I will admit, made me jump and shreak because those things are kind of scary in person

Take a look at a video from the episodes premiere last night to get a bit more insight into the episode:

  • Western Town

    I much prefer the Cowboy hat to the Fez

    Episode 2 — Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (by Chris Chibnall) — Not much is known about this episode yet, except it appears to be what it says on the tin. Dinosaurs, on a spaceship. Mostly I’m just excited to see Rupert Graves (Sherlock) and Mark Williams (Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter films.)

  • Episode 3 — A Town Called Mercy (by Toby Whithouse) — This episode was filmed largely in the Spanish dessert, and features an appearance by much loved Science Fiction actor, and former Farscape lead, Ben Browder. The film is meant to harken back to the old spaghetti westerns, but with that science fiction vibe that Doctor Who throws in. So like Firefly, only with The Doctor. Most of the footage in the original Series 7 teaser trailer that premiered at the Doctor Who Convention back in March came from this episode as it was the first episode filmed in this first block for Series 7.
  • Episode 4 — The Power of Three (by Chris Chibnall) — I know absolutely nothing about this episode, but I can’t help thinking about Charmed. “The power of three will set us free.” It was a terrible show, but I’d love to see a joke made about it. Unfortunately, I doubt it’ll happen.
  • Episode 5 — The Angels Take Manhattan (by Steven Moffat) — This episode is ‘The Ponds” swan song. Filmed in New York City, NY, the episode sees The Doctor and his companions face the much beloved, and feared Weeping Angels on the island of Manhattan. Moffat has promised this episode to be a real tear jerker, and that someone will die. For real this time. My money’s on Rory. Because they do so love to kill him.

Scroll through all the latest Doctor Who Series 7 Images below:

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