Misfits Season 4 Casting Details and More

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Warning: this post contains serious spoilers about what’s happened to characters in the past three seasons of Misfits.  If you’re not caught up through the end of season 3 and don’t want to know, stop reading now.



Misfits season 4 is on, but it’s coming back with some big changes.  Alisha was killed in the season 3 finale, and Simon went back in time to be with her.  Show creator Howard Overman confirmed that neither Antonia Thomas (Alisha) or Iwan Rheon (Simon) will return for the next season.  Also departing is Lauren Socha’s Kelly, so that means Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis) is the only remaining original cast member.  He’s joined by Joseph Gilgun, whose character Rudy was brought on for season 3 following the departure of Robert Sheehan (Nathan).

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Nathan-Stewart Jarrett (left, Curtis) and Joseph Gilgun (right, Rudy) with new cast members Karla Crome (Jess, center left) and Nathan McMullen (Finn, center right).

Three new cast members have been added to fill in the gaps.  Karla Crome plays Jess, Nathan McMullen plays Finn, and Matt Stokoe plays Alex.  The casting call for the characters describes each of them:

“Jess (Female) Jess is a kind of female version of Larry David — smart and articulate, She’s the person who will say the un-sayable, the person who’ll question social norms and etiquette. Jess hates people who bullshit and lie to her.

Finn (Male) Finn has a childlike naively optimistic view of life, he’s always eager to please and enthusiastic about life. Finn talks a lot and often uses this to try and talk himself out of difficult or awkward situations. He is very funny.

Alex (Male) Alex is the sexiest guy on the estate. He is super good looking, all the girls fancy him but for some reason he is very standoffish, he doesn’t seem interested in girls. Everyone reads this as being extremely suspicious and suspect it’s power related.”

Matthew McNulty is also returning to Misfits’ fourth season, this time as a series regular.  That part’s a bit strange: McNulty played Seth, the powers dealer, who was Kelly’s boyfriend.  Looks like he’ll be sticking around without Kelly, which can only be good: his character wasn’t that far developed beyond being Kelly’s boyfriend, so it’ll be interesting to see where the show takes him.  His power — the ability to transfer powers between others — is also a useful one to have around.

Overman’s released a few details of what to expect from season 4.  There will be killer rabbits and the Misfits version of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  I’m equal parts terrified and intrigued about how they’ll turn out on a show like this, so I’m totally sold.

Misfits will air in on E4 in the U.K.  in late October.  It’s a common practice in British television for the exact premiere date not to be announced until only a couple of weeks before, so stay tuned here and we’ll let you know when we have the specifics.  American fans needn’t despair: Hulu announced it will air season 4 in the fall, which means there shouldn’t be too long of a wait between episodes airing in the U.K. and the U.S.