Misfits S01E04

Previously on Misfits: Alisha didn’t deal so well with her power, but then Curtis helped her work through it (though only after she used it against him), and now the two of them are dating.  Sally is getting closer to Simon to try to find out what happened to her boyfriend, the group’s prior probation worker.

Curtis wakes up one morning from more dreams of his professional competition days.  His room is wallpapered with newspaper clippings and other photos of him as a runner.  The only reminder of his new life is the orange jumpsuit hanging on the door.  It might help you to move on, buddy, if you don’t sleep surrounded by pictures of the past.  Just a thought.

Alisha has other plans to cheer up Curtis.  As soon as he enters the community center she drops her unzipped orange tracksuit around her ankles: “Curtis, hi.”  Um, you’re standing in the middle of a public building, Alisha, you might want to take this somewhere a little more private.  Curtis’ thoughts align with mine, as he walks her backwards into a storage area and pulls the sliding door down closed behind them.

Next we watch the two of them staring at each other, only the looks on their faces and some suspect noises cluing us in to what’s happening.  We get it, whoever directed this episode, but watching them watch each other is just kind of boring.  Nathan’s amused, though, when he pulls up the door to find the two of them at it.

He immediately runs to recreate the scene for the others in the locker room.  Yup, I’m convinced he used put on lewd pantomimes as a child.  Curtis and Alisha steel themselves to head in there, so they don’t notice when a girl enters the community center, watches them be flirty with each other, grimaces, and leaves.  Can this be Sam, the ex-girlfriend?

Sally’s gained herself some great lurking music, which plays as she watches from around the corner as the misfits file outside.  She goes to her office and argues with someone over the phone, probably Pete the Police Officer.  She refuses to believe that the credit card charges were actually made by Tony, and slams the phone down,  saying “if you’re not going to do anything about it, I will.”  She marches into the locker room and starts going through everyone’s stuff.

Curtis is the last outside the door, which is lucky for Sam as she’s hanging around right there waiting for him.  What’s with all the lurking in this show?  And why doesn’t Sam doesn’t get the cool music, too?  Sam says she got out a few days ago and that it’s good to see Curtis.  Did he, perhaps, not officially break up with her?  Sam can’t believe that they ruined their lives over a bit of cocaine, saying that she’s never going to get a job with a conviction for dealing.  She asks Curtis about Alisha.  When he confirms that they’re dating, all she asks is why he never visited her in prison.

Ouch.  Really, Curtis?  You might not win the episode this week, but that’s O.K. because if you were too good all the time, you’d be boring.  Curtis says he felt too guilty to visit her and, I’m sorry, but that’s crap.  Visiting your girlfriend who’s in jail in part because of you isn’t about your own issues, it’s about supporting her.

Sam agrees with me.  She doesn’t want to hear Curtis tell her he feels bad, that she was buying for him, and that the cops didn’t listen when he said the drugs were his.  Rather than taking Curtis to task over those issues, Sam’s just mad that not only wouldn’t Curtis visit her, when she does get out she finds that he’s hooked up with someone else.  Yeah, I might kind of be on her side here.  Curtis is free to break up with her whenever he wants, but he needs to tell her first.  And he should have visited her in prison.  Sam tells Curtis that everything that’s happened to her is on him, and takes off.

Time slows as Curtis watches her go and, given how many scenes flash through his eyes, it looks like we’re in for a big rewind.  One moment Curtis is standing in his orange jumpsuit outside the community center, the next he’s in jeans in the middle of a crowded club.  Sam’s dancing a few feet away, but then she turns to the exit, smiling once at him.  It only takes Curtis a few moments to figure out what’s going on.  He tries to tell Sam to forget about the drugs, but she can’t hear him over the music.

It’s too late anyway, because the dealer’s spotted them.  He walks up and presses a bag into Sam’s hand.  Just as he turns to go, Pete the Police Officer rounds the corner.  Curtis grabs the bag from Sam and dashes across the club and into the bathroom, where he ditches the coke down a truly disgusting toilet.  Seriously, is that water black?  He tries to flush but it doesn’t work, so-EW EW EW-he sticks his hand in the bowl it to get it working.  Gag.

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