SDCC 2012 – Merlin: The Game

Merlin: The Game

Merlin: The GameWhen Merlin: The Game was announced, my first thought was “Well, there goes the idea that there’s only going to be five seasons of the show.” Because honestly, who creates a video game for the final season of a show that has already run for five years? Of course, at Comic Con, I found out I was right.

After meeting with Imre Jele, Creator-in-Chief at Bossa Studios (the company behind Merlin: The Game), I’m not really thinking about Merlin the show so much anymore. I hate to admit it, but I’m a little more excited for the game than I am the upcoming fifth series. Shocking, I know! Especially from someone who has never played a Facebook game in her life. But the art is superb, and the trailer looks so engaging that it’s hard not to be excited.

You see, Merlin: The Game isn’t just your standard television or film video game adaptation. In fact, it’s not really an adaptation as we’ve come to expect them. Merlin: The Game is more of a compliment to the world created in the television series.

Bossa Studios issued the following press release, which explains why Merlin: The Game is so highly anticipated by fans of the show:

Players start the game by creating a character, choosing Merlin or Arthur as role models, or opting to uniquely mix sword and sorcery. Arriving to their new home, Camelot, they fulfill various duties to prepare for the dangerous adventures that lie ahead. The city of legends is not a lonely place however, it is a home that players share with their friends. They can see each other going about their business, chatting or even dancing together.

Ultimately, players have to leave the safety of Camelot to complete quests given by Merlin and Arthur. Players don’t just rely on deft swordsmanship and clever spells to defend themselves, they can bring their friends along for the adventure too!

Here’s a look at the trailer that premiered during the Merlin panel at SDCC 2012:

For more information on the game and the inspiration behind it, take a look an interview with Jele himself as we continue our cross-site San Diego Comic-Con coverage with our friends at Geek Syndicate. Bossa are taking applications for the closed beta now, so make sure to check out the site for the game at and like their page on Facebook.

Also, make sure to watch out in the next week when we’ll be putting up another SDCC 2012 giveaway that includes a chance to play the closed beta of the game, and other promotional items!

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