The Newsroom, S1 Ep6 – Bullies


I still like Charlie, but “Don’t call me girl, sir!” puts me firmly on her side at the end of this confrontation.

When the show is over, Don doesn’t ream her at all.  He leaves that for Charlie, who comes into the bullpen and cusses up a storm.  He’s angry at her for cutting off Don and for broadcasting in Japanese, but mostly for making what appeared to be her own ‘expert’ declaration about a deadly radiation leak using information that she had gathered off the record.  This means not only will she have a heck of a lot of trouble getting a source to speak to her off the record now, but she must be suspended so that all her reports can be examined to make sure she hasn’t made anything else up.  Sloan protests that she hasn’t made anything up, and Charlie says he knows that but it still has to happen.  He says she’ll be suspended with pay.  Sloan shouts that she doesn’t want the pay, and then Charlie yells, “Don’t front off with me, girl!” and Sloan yells right back, “Don’t call me girl, sir!”  That’s when Don interrupts them both to keep things from escalating further.  Charlie stalks off, leaving Sloan standing there ready to cry.  Don’s moment of wordless comfort right there cements him as one of my favorite characters. I almost can’t believe I typed that, considering how little I liked him to start off.

Back in the session, Jack asks if Will and Sloan are close, considering how protective Will is of her. Will says they didn’t used to be, but now he sees her kind of as a little sister.  That’s when Jack asks if Will’s father was an abusive alcoholic.  It’s not really a question, because Jack already knew from his father’s notes.  Apparently, Will’s dad hit him, Will’s mother, and Will’s younger brother and two sisters; until, as Will says, he was old enough to hit back.  And that age was fifth grade (so, around eleven or twelve, right?), when Will cracked him across the face with a bottle.  At this point Will again asks for a prescription so he can leave, but Jack insists that whatever he may think, a part of Will must have really wanted to have a therapy session.

Opposition research time. Blahblahblah.  There’s nothing that either the tabloids nor Mack wishing to get some ammunition on Will can/would use on him.  At least Jim gets to have done something stupid: In

Let’s hope this is the last time Mack needs to bow her head and slink out of Will’s office.

college, he thought penguins were in the Arctic, not the Antarctic, and got kicked out of his study abroad program in the Arctic because his disappointment about the penguins led him to attempt to ‘fraternize’ with an Inuit girl.  Uh huh. Then, finally, Gary Cooper just casually mentions that FOX offered him a deal hosting a talk show in 2006, and the deal got pretty far along. That Mack notices, and after telling everyone to get back to the news, she marches into Will’s office to confront him.

The deal, you see, would have meant Will would move to LA—and he never told her anything about it at the time.  This does suggest that Will’s been enjoying making Mack feel terrible for ruining their prospective life together when he, in fact, had no intention of marrying her.  But as Mack rants about him deceiving her while she was deceiving him, Will stands up and gets out a small box.  Yes, it is an engagement ring, and it’s a beautiful one, at that.  Mack stops short at the sight, and Will quietly explains that he didn’t tell her about the FOX deal because he knew he was being used as leverage and he didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her.  Mack admits Will’s continued moral advantage in relation to her and turns to get back to work. Before she leaves the office, she tells him that when he does propose to someone, “that’s the ring that’ll do it.”  Will looks appreciative.  And then, in real time, Jack guesses correctly that Will bought the ring as soon as he knew the staff was doing opposition research on him.  Jack suggests that isn’t normal.  Will only kind of agrees.  See, I like you better than before, Will, but you’re still a jerk.  I mean, yes, Mack did break your heart in a legitimately awful way, but I don’t think she needs to be crushed into the ground constantly for the rest of her life.

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